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Hi Everyone

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How are you all? Well im still quit and soon me moving into month 4

Im finding it very hard at min weight going up, but im ok i got it in hand back to weight watchers and i put on 3lbs so thats not to back with xmas but am finding it very hard to stay on track with healthy eating,i just feel so hungry and its hard.

Had my daughters chinese meal on th 7th Jan had a fab time me my mum and my daughter but i havent stopped eating since and its geting me a bit down but hopefully i will get there in the end.

I will say onething i dont miss going out side in this cold weather for a fag especilly when im at home and all i have is a open fire and no central heating at all trust me its cold very cold o/h is fed up of me moaning how cold it is in this house i told him before next winter i want to be moved house with central heating.

How is everyone geting on with there quits?

Like i said im finding it hard i miss the social side of it and im feeling grumpy and very down at min,When i say to o/h i have been quit now for so many months i get well done then followed with ,well it was your choice,all i wish was that i got some praise for how well i have done instead of faceing life on my own with my daughter thats is how it feels sometimes,i feel very alone.

I clothers shop on my own,food shop on my own,go up town on my own,i do the house work,i do work,i do cooking,cleaning,juggle all the bills,i feel i do and go everywere on my own and sometime sit gets me down very down,

If i was a x-box then i would get lots of attention.

Sorry for the moan as you can see im fed up today.

Hope my quit buddy Dave is doing well :)

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Well done Kay my love

So sorry you get no support I know what that feels like. When the kids was younger I felt so lonly but now they are older my daughter is my best friend ever. so dont worry girl every dog haves his day yours will come.xxxxx

Also BIG CONGRATS ON YOUR 4 MONTHS your doing fab. xxxxx

Oh Kay, big huge hug my love you are doing SO well and I for one hvae nothing but the utmost admiration and respect for you.

I am lucky to ahve loads of support and attention away from the forum and I could not mange without it....I know I would never have manged without it and I have so much admiration for you.

You are an amazingly strong lady and it sounds to me that your OH is a bit green monstering you over your strength. He need to look up and see just what he has in front of him.

You keep going my love, I for one and am sure that a lot fo other on this forum will be cheering you on ever step of the way.

Hugs and kisses

Lorna xx

Hi Kay don't think I have spoken to you before . Well done on your 4 months, WOW!! that's great.

I'm a guy and I'm going to give you some advice. It annoys me being a guy and hearing that another guy does not appreciate what you do and especially what you have done. With all what you do I'm surprised you found the time to stop smoking.

Put the money away that you would have saved by not smoking from now until the summer and either buy yourself something nice and flaunt it in front of his eyes saying this is what I got through not smoking. Or book yourself a weekend away on your own and tell him he'll have to look after things till you come back. If he asks how you could afford it? the answer. "Well it was my choice to stop smoking":D

Your doing goo keep it up.

Jack xx

A warm hello to you Kay,

We've got gas central heating but I've been so thankful for the wood fire too as additional heating given the weather we've had/having.

Your one strong plucky lady Kay and I'm sorry to that your feeling so alone with all that you do plus your quitting.

I know he's got his problems with work and money etc, but now is the time to talk and share.

You carry on with your quit Kay, your doing great and I'm proud of you and is your daughter.

Stay warm, stay strong, stay quit

Pol xx

Hey Kay - really good to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear about your OH, but we all know we stop smoking for ourselves. Hang in there - you're a very strong woman and have helped so many of us. And I need you with me when we step into month 4

Hello Kay

You are doing absolutely FAB you are a great suppot to me and you are one tough cookie.

You know what hun, I know you are looking for that support from him but it doesn't look like you're gonna get it anytime soon :(

But to hell with it hey? You will be a much stonger person after going through this journey and you'll be able to live a happier and healthier life. One that is not ruled by ciggies or an xbox.

You keep going - WELL DONE YOU!!


Kay you are doing great I think you are a very strong person, one day you are going to show those at home just how strong you are. The weather is bound to get better soon then I think we will all feel happier.


When i say to o/h i have been quit now for so many months i get well done then followed with ,well it was your choice,all i wish was that i got some praise for how well i have done instead of faceing life on my own with my daughter thats is how it feels sometimes,i feel very alone.

HI Kay ....first of all congrats on 4 months ...that is fantastic:D....I know exactly how you are feeling as I have had no support from my OH either....and I have to go to weightwatchers as well.....so you are not alone....we can do this:D I just save all my smoking money and spend it on myself......I have saved $1800 in 5 months and have spent every cent on myself:eek:....when OH whinges about what I buy I just laugh and say hey its my money I can do this.....especially as he is still smoking.

It does get better Kay....and you will feel a little smug about this eventually;)

Kay So very well done for getting to month 4, I am envious, behind you by .............. weeks. Like you have piled on the weight, but you have done so well at weight watchers well done. This time is the hardest they say !!!! I certainly am going through hell all day but keep going. Sorry you not getting a lot of support but its hard when those around you arent going through the same, I really know that feeling.

Take care and keep strong

Dee xxxxx

Hi kay :D

Almost into month 4 that's great Big hug

You're doing so well just keep it going


Marg xx

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