Hi everyone!

Hi Guys!

Today has been my first smoke free day in *cough* years.:eek:

Went to the NHS clinic, got the patches and inhalator ( Which is gross! ) and today was the big day!

So far so good. Put a patch on before bed as the advisor suggested but took it off 2 hours later because I felt dreadful:(

Slapped another on when I got up and it`s been easier than expected.

I wanted to get a headstart before work tomorrow because nearly everyone there smokes! Not looking forward to it but at least they have to go out to smoke now so hoping it won`t be total torture!:rolleyes:

Anyway, just wanted to say Hello, and looking forward to chatting to you all.

Linny :)

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  • Welcome Linny ....

    Good luck with the quit

  • Hi Linny and :Dhttp://www.mysmiles.ru/Welcome.gifto the forum! You've made a great decision and you'll find loads of support and knowledge here. Best of luck.. see you in Day 2:D

  • WElcome Linny.

    You will have great support here. Stay strong. xxx

  • Welcome Linny!! xx xx

    Patches and inhalator?! :eek: was going to ask before if you can both.

    I was too scared :D hehehe I am not an inhilator fan as you have to rememebr to do it.

    Patches are a bit of a pain but a worthy pain for the end result ;)

    Hang tight, keep busy and stay strong!

    ~Buffy x x

  • Thanks everyone!:D

    Buffy. I went to see the advisor with a friend who is quitting too and she said to have patches and either the inhaler or lozenges or gum. I chose the inhaler because I`ve tried the gum and it just irritates my throat and I forget to stop chewing:rolleyes: My friend got patches and lozenges. It was either that or tablets which I didn`t really fancy.

    I have to say though that I only tried the inhaler today out of curiosity:o The patches seem to be working quite well on their own, fingers crossed. Oh and a good dose of PMA!

  • hiya, im new here too :)

    good luck on your quit, my 1st day is tomorrow but we will both do it !!

    jude x

  • Hi Linny

    good luck with your quit my first day too im sure we will both do it.

    best wishes


  • hi Linny, hows today going? ok i hope :)

    jude x

  • Thanks Guys! I`m just going to do my day 2 thread

    It`s something else to keep me motivated, being able to tick the days off on here:)

    welcome to the forum Moomin

    love ur nick name, thats dead cute :D

    congrats on your big day

    Why thank you!:D I wanted Flump or Pootle as my U/N but they were already gone and the Moomins were pretty cool. Not that I`m immature or anything!:p

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. Hope to chat to you more. x

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