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After 11 days off the smokes it the got the better of me, I moved house on Saturday and in a weak moment I took a smoke off one of my helpers, 1 puff let to another puff which lead to a whole smoke and then wallop, before you know it smoking away again.

I have no one to blame but myself I know moving is stressful and I fully understand that smoking solves nothing, it does not make any given situation any better in fact it makes them worse, but I think I know my enemy better now I know his tactics and I know I can beat him, so here I am again on day 1 back on the patches and longing for another crack at the title.

Oh for all the other newbie’s on here “Welcome and all the best in your efforts to quit”

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maybe you should have a read at the pages in the following link

This may help you to understand why you caved and hopefully prevent it happening again.

Maybe something in there will "click" and stop you in the future.


Morning HM

Soooooooooooo sorry to hear of your relapse. But the main thing is your back quick smart this will make this quit a little easyer for you. it did me anyway.xxxx


Hey Marble

It was going so well too...... glad you have stepped back and restarted .

You know fine well that smoking didnt help, keep this feeling fresh in your mind for the times ahead!

Good luck in this marble.


Sorry to hear that HM,

Get on with it, you can do it, just don't smoke.




Hi HM - welcome back. Thought I had lost part of my Hairy Butt Team then.:D


Hi HM - welcome back. Thought I had lost part of my Hairy Butt Team then.:D

Was off Friday due to the move, can't get rid of me that quick! lol


Good luck with getting back on track, you can do it!


HM you have done the right thing by getting straight back onto your quit. Good Luck with this one :)


Keep strong this time,you can do it:)


At least you're straight back here ;)

I know how hard it is, I moved 2 weeks into my quit as well - so I do understand.

But you know theres no excuse, now don't do it again!


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