im back with you all

Hi everyone,

as you can see. i got my beloved computer back after being repair. only thing

is they took my Quit meter off. how do i get it back.

so how is everyone. still doing well with our Quit. been 100 days for me now.

untill i get Quit meter back on. can't let you know any more....

feel good for not smoking. when i now walk pass some-one who is smoking

its make me feel really sick:eek: got to get some sleep, got work:(

take care all, be back later... [please help with Quit meter. thanks]


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  • Welcome back Alan. Just moved into this room too.

    Couldn't give me a hand clean up all these bloody leaflets could you:rolleyes:

    Down load a quit meter from

    Messy sod that John:p


  • Welcome back Alan

    Am off NRT now since last Thursday which am finding it a little tricky.

    Have been a right old moody cow all weekend and nearly caved it last night and had a chewing gum.

    Back to the airwaves today and chocolate eclairs!

    Speak soon, off to get ready for work.:)

  • hi Alan good to see you back.

    well done on 100 days!! :)

  • Allan 100 days is great. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done Allan your doing great,

    Have a wonderful smoke free day.:)

  • well done

    well done Allan on you 100 days, good work!

  • hi all.

    good to be back with you all. and johntkd thanks for your help, have

    downloaded the Quit keeper. happy now. can see how i am doing.

    take care all.


  • Congrats on 100!!!!!!!

    it is no mean feat.

    I am officially 101 today.

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