No Smoking Day

im back with you all

Hi everyone,

as you can see. i got my beloved computer back after being repair. only thing

is they took my Quit meter off. how do i get it back.

so how is everyone. still doing well with our Quit. been 100 days for me now.

untill i get Quit meter back on. can't let you know any more....

feel good for not smoking. when i now walk pass some-one who is smoking

its make me feel really sick:eek: got to get some sleep, got work:(

take care all, be back later... [please help with Quit meter. thanks]


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Welcome back Alan. Just moved into this room too.

Couldn't give me a hand clean up all these bloody leaflets could you:rolleyes:

Down load a quit meter from

Messy sod that John:p



Welcome back Alan

Am off NRT now since last Thursday which am finding it a little tricky.

Have been a right old moody cow all weekend and nearly caved it last night and had a chewing gum.

Back to the airwaves today and chocolate eclairs!

Speak soon, off to get ready for work.:)


hi Alan good to see you back.

well done on 100 days!! :)


Allan 100 days is great. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Well done Allan your doing great,

Have a wonderful smoke free day.:)


well done

well done Allan on you 100 days, good work!


hi all.

good to be back with you all. and johntkd thanks for your help, have

downloaded the Quit keeper. happy now. can see how i am doing.

take care all.



Congrats on 100!!!!!!!

it is no mean feat.

I am officially 101 today.


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