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bad times

hi all ,,im on day 53 now ,,ive been a 20 to 30 a day roll up smoker for 24 yrs ,, i decided it was time to give it up so have been on the champix for 9 weeks ,, stopped smoking on the 11th day and to be honest i have found it very easy ,the side effects have not been bad had a couple of dreams but not as many as expected and the feeling sick is easy to cure just make sure you dont take on empty stomach,and had the horrible taste in mouth, anyway i have had cravings to smoke but they have past rather quick and most of the time i dont even think about smoking i do chew alot of sugarfree gum(airwaves red packet)now which has or is becoming a habit of its own,,lol,,, well i thought i had this smoking habit truely sorted out on day 46 i decided to stop taking the champix( wot a mistake that was ) over a period of 5 days without them i became the most moody,angry,person ever, felt like smashing my head through the wall my wife thought i had turned into a monster the slightest thing made me mad and i was like a madman,, funny tho as i knew in my mind one smoke could sort me out but no way was i going to smoke again ,,, was i craveing for a smoke or was i craving for champix anyway enough was enough and i took a pill (not a smoke)at 5pm on day 51 and ive been feeling ok back to normal this giving up smoking is easy again sort of thing,, giving up the champix well thats another story

goodluck everyone

dont smoke

ady :)

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Hi Ady, l also stopped smoking with the help of Champix. I smoked about 50 a day for over 47 years. I also found it a lot less stressful than l imagined it was going to be.:) Here is the really weird thing though.:confused: For the last couple of weeks, at times, l have really, really wanted a cigarette. How strange is that?:eek: After all this time - suddenly wanting a smoke!:mad: We will just have to ride it out l suppose.


Hi Addy

Sorry to hear about your bad days, I am on NRT and my dosage went down on the weekend, I really felt it too, not so much angry but could've cried at the drop of a hat and spend the weekend thinking about ciggies. Didn't cave in though and today feel a little better. I have defended NRT all the way along in my quit and I do believe it does help in the beginning but I think that i'm coming to the conculusion that cold turkey and having a wealth of knowledge about the addiction process etc is the way forward.

I am still chewing the gum but couldn't imagine how I would feel if I wasn't but that day will come very soon and I just think we have to ride out those bad feelings after all it doesn't last long..... I know its easier said than done.

Keep posting on here and there are peeps on here with really good sound advice and links to brilliant reading material.....


Addy, Della,

There's another , much less scary , side to this...(isn't there always another side?)

I was truely nervous about coming off NRT and asked for advice . Lots of people told me they came off just because they forgot to take it for a while and then thought they might as well stop. Same with Champix.

I found that my first shot at stopping NRT made me really low, so I started again and waited a bit and read a bit...and started some bach flower remedy ..generally just gathered myself...and this time it's been E-A-S-Y!

So don't worry about it too much I think it's very rare for someone to find they have very acute reactions to stopping NRT if they prepare properly...and keep on long enough (I believe the recommendation is to keep going for 10 -12 weeks, generally).

You really can do this last small step and then it's plain sailing ..Just




hi all ,, thanks for replys, i have felt back to my normal self today been taking the champix as normal and things feel great again,, im going to make an appointment with the doctor about coming off the champix at the end of 12 weeks maybe have another few weeks on top to ween myself off of them, ive been around friends earlier this evening(well its morning now) who are smokers and it didnt really bother me much with them smoking so im glad im back on track

goodluck to you all

and dont smoke

thanks again

ady :)


Hi Ady,

Glad you are feeling better today. I stopped with Champix too. I also did lots of reading though and believe my head is in the right place to stay stopped for good this time.( Please do follow the links in my signature. ) I had no problems coming off chamoix (though I had been dreading it early on in my quit). In fact, I just "forgot" to take them a couple of mornings and that was that.

Now the longest I have stopped before is 8 months, and I know what you are all saying about "fancying a fag after all this time". In previous quits, I always found the first few weeks easiest, but it was as time went on that I got fed up "fighting" it....and caved :(

This time, I am not fighting anything. I feel liberated :) Sure, I still occassionally think, "mmmm I could have just one cigarette " but that is my Nicodemon looking for his "fix". I just ask myself if I really want to be back smoking 20 a day again??? ( Remember, we're all just "One puff away from 20 a day")

You may just need to be on the Champix a wee bit longer, and wean yourself off them gradually. Stick with it, it is soooooo worth it in the end :)


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