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Hi everyone

I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm on day two, my last cigarette was on Sunday evening. I just decided yesterday morning when I got up to stop, so the trouble is that I didn't know my last cigarette was my last! Never mind, I realise it's only an excuse not to battle on with this so I'm ignoring the thought.

Yesterday I used one piece of nicorette all day, on and off, and today I'm using a second. I don't feel up to going cold turkey but also I'm worried about exchanging an addiction to cigarettes for an addiction to gum!

I've already eaten tons more than I would normally! Eeek. That's a worry too.

BUT. I really really want to give up FAR more than I want to stay slimmish - I'll worry about the extra kilos when I've got over these first few days.

I get the feeling my dog is going to get a lot more exercise than usual!

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Hi Planet

welcome and congratulations to your decission

you will be so much happier - your dog will be so much happier -0 your wallet will be so much happier - and so many more arround you will be so much happier

don't worry about the food - get yourself loads of fruit and veggies and as somebody here suggested - frozen grapes - it really works

all the best



Thanks guys!

I've already read lots of useful stuff and I get the feeling I'm going to need it. Bit twitchy this afternoon.


Hi Pammie!

Well done you! We don't need those nasty fags. They're just horrible disgusting things. Get a few days under your belt so that you really feel you have achieved something and fingers crossed it will help spur you on!

Remember: No smoking. Its banned as of now! :p



Hi maddie,

So nice to see you on here again and fantastic news that you have quit again, that takes a lot of guts and sheer will power, I know it took me 18 months from last quit to this one!!!

I have been reading your blog from time to time so have been keeping up with your daily news!

Have just got back from a break to London and when I got outside the station, there were loads of people smoking and I just thought to myself, that used to be me!! I feel now that after 3 weeks, I hardly think much about them, I still get a slight urge when i'm drinking but it soon passes.


Thanks Della.

Do you feel free from cigs yet? What did AC call it...the moment of 'revelation' I believe...

I have. I really feel I have cracked it this time and I feel soooooooo free from my addiction that its almost as if I had never been addicted. Almost.

I hear you when you say it can take some 'going' to start straight back into a quit...I was beginning to lose my 'edge' to quit again so I threw myself into it.

So glad things are going great for you too and that you are finding it easier to deal with :) Let me know if you have hit that moment yet...the feeling 'free' one...


I feel free (sort of)

Hi maddie

I think i do feel free!!! I didn't smoke for about a week and kept telling people who asked if i had quit smoking that I was just not smoking that day, I wasn't ready to commit myself to this whole quit thing and tell people that i had given up but after my one fag blip 2 weeks ago I really do feel committed to this quit and call myself a non smoker.

Its really odd though as when im not around smokers I feel the slight urge but soon as I smell them I can honestly say that they make me feel sick, in all my other quits it was the opposite!!!

Strange, I do believe I may have beaten this awful addiction, once and for all. My kids are proud of me and thats really a nice feeling!!!

Off to clean the frdige!!!

Speak soon x


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