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Hi, everyone any tips for me


Hi, i'm going to try giving up smoking tommorow, i'm a heavy smoker and could do with some tips as im finding it a scary thought to be without my cigarettes. I am a mother to 3 children and a house wife and want more money and time to spend on my children.

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How are you doing it.

Dont be afraid you can do it .

I am 60 and smoked all life and I have given up now for 6 weeks.

Drink water,eat nuts dried fruit.

If you get crabby ,it doesn't last.

It will work.


Morning Alannah, it doesn’t matter whether you smoked 10/20/30 cigs a day it seems it’s the same for us all, we are addicts to nicotine, notice I say we are addicts not we were, that’s because from the beginning of your quit and well into the long term stages of being smoke free we never are fully free from that nasty drug, most of us have done this before so know that we cannot have one single puff on a cig or we are back to being smokers again.

This forum is the best support system you could ever wish for and as we have been at the same point as you are now we know how hard it can be, saying that I think that you have the best reasons to quit, you have children and I am sure you want to see them grow up and bounce your Grandchildren on your knee.

Your decision to quit is the best thing you can ever do for you and your family so spend as much time talking on here and tell all your friends and family so that they too can support you and also give you more reasons to stay quit, you will as time goes by get to know people and realise we are fun bunch of people, and you can talk to someone night and day.

Good Luck and I am sure you are focussed enough to beat this horrid smelly addiction with a little help from your friends and this forum x

Hi Terry, i was going to go cold turkey and hope that will power alone will be enough.

Congratulations on your success and its really nice to know theres people out there to help each other.

Hi jamangie, thanks for your reply, i am already feeling stronger knowing theres someone always on this forum to turn to for support.

I wish you all the best with your battle also.

Hi Alannah, welcome to the site :)

I quit 4 weeks ago using patches, and sucking on lozengers, also the people on this forum were a tremendous support. Think of the reasons you want to quit and keep them at the forefront of your mind. Get rid of everything that you associate with smoking, ashtrays, fag packets etc. You may well need some patches but lots of people on here have quit going cold turkey, personally I couldn't.

Lean on us for support and read read and read some more on here. You can do this hun. I doubted myself by here I am on day 30 and it's getting easier by the day.

Hi Karen m, thank you so much for your support and congratulations on your succuss. I will chuck out all ashtrays and cigerettes and hope i can give someone else advice when im 30 days without the evil cigerettes.


Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Hi Alannah,

Welcome to the site.

The hardest thing about giving up smoking is the fear of quiting. You will find it is not as bad as you thought it would be.

Tip on stopping.

Sugar free mints/sweets

Drink ice water or really hot tea/coffee on bad craves (tea works for me)

Read, read, read and then read some more. Follow the links on peoples signatures. The 3 on mine are what help me the most.

If you feel like you are gonna smoke, come on here, post about it, wait until you have 5 replys and if you still want to smoke after that go ahead, but I don't think any of us have really got past typing it out as that really seems to help cravings.

Distraction, get a hobby, paint, knit sew, learn a new language, anything, just get busy.

We will all be here to support you. Don't be afraid, you have just made the best decision of your life, whats to be afraid of!!!


Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

P.s, Thursday is a great day to quit, I quit on a thursday and it's done me well:D

Hi Alannah,

Welcome and well done on making the deciding to get smoking out of your life.

I know exactly how you feel. I smoked 40+ a day for 20 years and the thought of being without the little crutch you've had throughout your adult life can be scary.

However, remember you are not giving anything up. You are gaining so much more you'll be healthier, wealthier, smell better, not reliant on a plant, no longer a slave, be able to taste food better, your skin will improve, the condition of your hair will improve, your teeth will get whiter, you won't have yellow stained fingers any more, you won't have to leave friends in the middle of a converstaion to go outside for a cig, and much more.

Smoking does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for anybody. It does not solve problems, it does not fix broken appliances, it does not help you sleep or relieve stress (nicotine is a stimulant), it does not resolve arguments, it doesn't make you a social bunny, it doesn't do anything except keep you hooked.

You've made a huge positive step in deciding to end your relationship with smoking and I wish you the best of luck. Keep thinking of the positives and come on here for help and support whenever you need it.

Trandem x

well thats brill that your going to give up on a thrusday as well as thats the day i gave up as well maybe we could start a new group called the thrusday club :)

just remember you can only take one day at a time and there wilbe time where you will really really want a ciggy but just think of the reasons you have stopped smoking and breathe in and out relax and enjoy the smoke free air

and if that dont work just come on here and read some of the posts

that has helped for me

think positive but if you do give in dont let that stop you from carrying on stopping i found lists a brill way to help me and reminders on my mobile to go of every couple of hours as a reminder because at the end of the day its mainly habit and the fact smoking was such a big part of general life

postit notes are also good ;)

regards carol

Hi, i'm going to try giving up smoking tommorow, i'm a heavy smoker and could do with some tips as im finding it a scary thought to be without my cigarettes. I am a mother to 3 children and a house wife and want more money and time to spend on my children.

Hi Alannah

I wanted to welcome you to our forum and also give you a big well done on making the decision to Stop smoking.

I to have 3 children and like you felt scared but i went to see my quit Nurse and she put me on Champix, they really helped me to stop and now i have stayed stopped because i have gone CT. If you feel that you cant manage CT alone then dont be ashamed to see your quit nurse, they are there to help and guide you and i think that sometimes and i needed this that you need the little extra help they can give.

Dont get me wrong its not easy but it does get easier. I am 24 days quit now and i still get the odd thought that something is missing or should i be doing something else with my time but if i feel like that is just say.............

Im not a smoker, what on earth do i want a cig for, what will it do for me, nothing if im honest, will it make me feel better, no.

I find by saying that once or twice it eases off and i just get on with the rest of the day. Take it minute by minute, hour by hour and then day by day. Dont try and run before u can walk and most off all use this site as much as you need to we are here when ever you need us. Make sure you take up a hobby or something, anything to keep your mind off of the old ways. I have started knitting and have some of the others on here doing the same but whatever works for you do it. Dont struggle on your own. :)

Take care and good luck

Hi all, day one and i have been struggling so i have opted for nicotine chewing gum and the inhalator. Im trying to busy myself but time seems to be dragging i only hope i can make it to day 2.

Hi there alannah....well done you on actually facing the nicodemon in the face and stopping smoking!!

Actually the decision to stop is the hardest part, once you have stopped, it only gets easier....

I never thought I could quit, always put it off, but once I had decided, then that was that...I'm on day 17 now and feeling sooooooooooooo much better for it.

Keep going and if you need support, you know where we are

Good luck xxx:D

Hi the first few days will be the hardest but just bare in mind the reasons you are stopping and every time you feel the urge try distracting yourself i play alot of games online which has helped distract my mind also since finding this site i just read some of the threads just to remind myself

have you wrote on the reason thread yet?

that will help as well as the tips and advise people have given

i also put reminders on my mobile to go of every couple of hours just to help as at the end of the day it is just habit and mindset which will change


carol :)

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