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Hi everyone, please support me

So here I am having decided to give up, tried a few times but have been half hearted attempts, but this time I am determined. Had my last one at 11pm last night, off to bed woke up this morning, using patches and extra strong mints. I only smoke at home never outside, I've washed all my clothes, pjs, dressing gown so everything is smelling great. I only work part time and I must confess it's boredom that I smoke in the afternoon, so need some tips to be in the house and not smoke, hence joining this forum. We've also booked to go Florida in Sept so need to save like mad so if I feel my resolve slipping please remind me about my holiday lol. I haven't felt it too bad today, but the temptation is there more out of boredom than actually wanting one x

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Hey, strange as it is.. I booked florida for September this year when I quit too..

A lot of the ladies on here have discussed knitting and the like, maybe crosswords puzzles, exercise?

Well done on making the step to a healthier smoke free life


You need to fill the boredom gap and replace the smoking, even if you have a fag you'll still be bored it's just physiological that it does actually do something about it, all it does it ....well nothing, you say you need to save like mad well there's big incentive to start off with.

Good Luck :)


Thank you, yeah were only there last year and normally wait 2 years between visits but couldn't wait that long so booked, yeah social media will be my friend I think, already planning my day tomorrow, working 8-12 home have lunch, then I need a few things from supermarket, so instead of taking car and going when I finish work, going to walk over and back about 1 and half mile each way, then kids home from school so hope day 2 will pass just as quick


Hi there

The key to a successful quit lies in the mind. The addiction is a partly physical but mostly psychological, there is a lot of habit or conditioned response involved. I know that I would always spark up whenever I got in the car or when I got annoyed or when I wanted to reward myself and most of the time it wasn't about needing to top up my nicotine levels. Initially there is a physical withdrawal to cope with and that can be tough however it only lasts just a few weeks; beyond that it's all about learning how to live as a non smoker, learning how to experience situations without a ciggy in hand. The key is to change the way to think about smoking, see quitting as a positive thing, regaining health, wealth and control rather than seeing it as a sacrifice. If you see it as denying yourself of one of life's great pleasures then eventually temptation will get the better of you and really there is no pleasure in poisoning yourself.

All the best



Hi jess, good to have you on board, I thoroughly recommend playing games on your phone, tablet whatever, particularly good old candy crush, solitaire and word battle they will keep you occupied for ages, also my last cigarette is a really good free app that tells you how much you have saved/not smoked etc, definitely worth a look x


Hi Jess, Nic is right that it is all in the mind; a shift in mindset is the key to success. As you've said yourself, your previous quits have been half-hearted, and a half-hearted quit will inevitably be doomed to failure.

You've got to be nothing less than 100% committed; even 99.9% won't do it, as that 0.1% will let a little seed of doubt will creep in; you'll think 'just one won't hurt', and before you know it you'll be right back at square one.

If you've never heard of them before, Allen Carr's 'Easyway' books are well worth a read as they will change the way you will look at smoking (and I say that as a complete cynic before I read one). They really are a great help in achieving your goal!


Hi Jess :) hope your first day is going well,I'm not quite there yet ,stocking up on knowledge ,inspiration etc. My last quit was going well then suddenly lost my husband/best friend that was nearly 2 years ago,so I think its about time I reinstated quit..just need to prepare my mind a bit more. So I'm sending many best wishes your way.x

Nic (very apt name lol) thank you for your post ,that's what I'm stocking up on..mental power..I have a very good book by a lady called leslie irvings (I think ) ,there's a paragraph that sticks in my head it goes ' the reason I wanted this cigarette was that thoughts of it had consumed me for hours and I was sick of thinking of it. The only reason I wanted to smoke was to stop myself wanting to smoke so I could actually think about something else . But the only reason I wanted to smoke was because I had smoked the last one . And smoking this one would gurantee the need to smoke the next one,and the one after , and the one after that .I realised that really wanting cigarettes was a horrible state to be in. Usually when I really want something its because the thing is of genuine worth and value. But the desire to smoke is different. It is not a desire to do something worthwhile,or fun,or exciting,or pleasurable, it is just a desire to get rid of a desire ! and it is a horrid feeling '

I find that paragrapgh so spot on in its description ,its so clear to me..maybe that's why I keep rereading it :)

best wishes Jess :)



Hi Jess,

The psychological barrier is the key. This time I decided that I wasn't quitting or giving up, I was "not smoking".

I found that I was not enjoying smoking and that I was actually feeling sick while physically smoking. I decided that enough was enough. from then until now, I decided that I no longer choose to smoke. I no longer give in. I am no longer feeling the stress of planning my day around when I can go for a smoke. They no longer control my life. sure, there are moments when I think about going for a smoke, but I realise that this is simply nostalgia, I take a deep breath, count to ten and it has passed and I can move on.

I also believe in viewing the forum, my sanctuary, on a daily basis. I may not always post (I'm usually at work so can't really post often), but even reading some of the advice that the experienced, "senior" members offer is helpful.

While this may not work for everyone, it has been great for me. Everyone is different and you may find something completely different works for you. Whatever path you choose, I wish you luck and want you to know that we are all here to support you.



Thank you Jan, that's such a good paragraph, not going to lie just thinking just one but not going to give in, hope you soon get to that place to come join us x


Good luck Jess,can't add much to the good advice youv been given already...........

Just...YOU CAN DO THIS go for it don't smoke,rant scream and post ,read others stories nd just get through each day x


Hi Jess, good luck! This is a great forum, the posters are all lovely really supportive. I found going to bed early helped where I would just read or watch films as bed was the one place I never even thought about smoking. :)


How's it going Jess you must be on day 8 now? 1 week in the bag :) x


Thank you, yes day 8, almost done and dusted, not going to lie, this is hard,think I'm fine, then all of a sudden the thought comes into my head, to smoke, and seems to stay there forever, I'm not saying I will never smoke again, I'm just not going to smoke today


That's a good way to look at it, take it hour by hour if needs be, don't look at forever it's too daunting, like you said "I will not smoke today" keep it up! X


And what a wonderful approach to your quit Jess!!! It is hard at first, just do anything to pass time, just don't smoke, I have fantastic news, it does become easier, and easier, addiction is a strong mental battle, but can do this. YOU ARE DOING IT.

Please post and read, any problems just get on here, the longer the quit, the weaker the crave.

Your doing mighty well, keep going it will get better


All the above posters have said what needs to be said. All you get from me is YOU CAN DO IT ;)


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