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Weight Problem


OMG i am putting on so much weight had to go out and but a size 14 jeans am so gutted really gutted my bf is still smoking and its hard my god so so hard.He has said he will go on these champix when hes ready but he has to give his self time

The weigh is getting me so down i think after my birthday next wednesday i may go back to weight watchers were i used to go and lost 5 stone last year went back 6 weeks ago and was ok but havent been back since and feel really ashamed how much weight i have put on.I have eaten lots of fresh veg and fruit, i really cant understand why this much weight can go on so quick.My bf freind said just have a fag i think hes fed up of me being mardy and moaning about my weight and being so upset over it especilly when i lost so much.HELP ANYONE ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT has anyone found a big problem with the weight? Also he tells me i lost my sense of homour god that hurts.My daughter is so pleased with me she is 14 and really really hates it. sorry for being so long im so fed up i wounder if the champix makes you feel like it? HELP

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Jeans are banned when u give up smoking :mad: - i only wear trousers now until i can get back into a 12 without the muffin top, i dont know the answer - yet - think we are all suffering the same tho :(

Stopping smoking makes the matabolism slow down so, as well as watching what we eat, we really need to up the anti with phsical excercise to get that metabolic rate back up a bit :eek:

Doesn't have to be olympic training, just a long walk everyday will do the trick (now, that's a walk, not a stroll! :))

My jeans are getting tight after a week,but I keep saying "Once the better weather comes in.............:rolleyes:"

'I may be a porky monster from hell with zero sense of humour BUT its still better than coughing my lungs up every morning.'

lololol :D

i think maybe a new and slightly differtent club may be forming ;)

Yes I've gained alot of weight too, I wondered that too about champix. :)

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