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Day 10 and problems with concentration

Hi All

I was a lurker on this board a few years back when I first "gave up". Managed about 3 months before slipping (very rapidly!) back into 20 a day where I've been for the last 2 years.

I gave up 10 days ago cold turkey, and have found it relatively easy going since then (cold turkey).

I've joined a Gym which I'm going to 4 lunchtimes a week and am keeping really busy at the weekends. I am, however, struggling a bit at work. Not so much with cravings (these seem to be relatively in check), but with concentration.

I've never had a great concentration span but I seem to be really really struggling today for some reason.

If anyone has had similar issues and have found ways of overcoming it, would greatly appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance.

Rob :o

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hi Rob and well done on your quit :) its just one of withdrawels to giving up nicotine it will pass


Yeah, I second that... I had that for a while and it was awful but I just warned some ppl around me that I would be slightly off my game for a bit and could they bear with me please.

Before I knew it the mental fog had passed :)


Welcome Rob, you big lurker lol.

Well done on quitting again, just learn from what happened and made you slip up the last time.

I felt like that for a wee while.

I would almost zone out altogether and stare at nothing, I am sure if people where watching me they would have thought I was crazy.

I found that it was down to lack of sugar for me, I loose concentration and get dizzy if my blood sugar is low, could maybe that for you, try drinking fruit juice, it was suggested by others on here and it worked wonders for me.

Also the lack of concentration could be down to lack of sleep, some people (me included) had trouble sleeping and therfore not concentrating throughout the day. If this is the case maybe try some Kalms and lavender spray on your pillow.

Keep up the good work, it will all be worth it.

Jill xxx


Hi All

Thanks for the warm welcome. I think a lot of it is my own brain playing mind tricks on me... I had a very urgent bit of work hit my desk yesterday with an unachievable deadline and all of a sudden I found that concentration!

Thanks also for the tips and re-assurance!



thats great to hear Rob :D


That's great rob, it's all about baby steps :) (and really unachievable dealines!)


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