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Giving Up Smoking and Loosing Weight

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I gave up drinking alcohol for lent to give myself a fighting chance of not giving in to a ciggie when I had had few glasses of vino and two weeks ago I started weight watchers in an attempt to not pile loads of weight on ( i do need to loose about a stone).

I have lost 2lb this week :eek: (just been weighed!) to make a total of 4lb. As you all know I have my aero hot chocolate every day and popcorn before bed as treats but I dont replace smoking with eating. ive actually been out for 3 lovely meals this week too!

this might seem strict to some people but its more about planning, its helping me to stay in control and keep that nic demon at bay. Hes in a headlock today and Ive got a tight hold of him.

Ive also just been out and treated myself to a lovely new top and pair of jeans. :D:D:

so although I have never believed this before you can stop smoking and that doesnt mean you have to pile on the pounds. :)


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Hi Mogg

Iv'e been packed up smoking for 1 week today and well chuffed with myself,i'm in the same position i have booked a holiday with my daughter to majorca on june 29th and cant wait.Im so worried about puting on weight but yesterday i had lost 2lbs so im well chuffed as i dont want to be a beach whale.

I write everythin i eat in my weight watchers book and when i want something i have been having it and staying to my points and it seemed to be working this week.

I was very worried about puting on weight but my doctor said yesterday that i wont put weight on if i dont replace the fags with nice yummy food.

So here we go for week 2 and cant wait

Good look on packing up drinking and smoking

Keep the good work up

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well done kay and thanks for your reply. its such a great feeling isnt it?

one week today for you, well done. Im right behind you xxxxx

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Hi Sam & Kay :D :D

You are both doing great well done and losing weight at the same time as well

Love Margxxxxxxxx

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Excellent forum this is !

Sam and Kay, just a lil well done msg to you both and keep going cos you're doing fab !! Marg, you are so so strong for all us people and deserve top credit on here as does linda and nic........I'v not intentionally missed anyone but cant recall all the names of the top of my head, like bluebelle minni, phillip etc but you're all great support xx

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Hi Dee

Thanks and you are very welcome to any support I am able to give'



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Well done Moog, bet that new top and jeans will be extra special. Im putting my money in a savings account, I used to buy my cigs on a friday when i did the shopping so on Fridays I am transfering the money into a savings account, I can watch it grow

hugs X

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