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Champix Anger problems?

Hi all

Ive been smoke free for 2 months now and have been on champix but recently ive started to go mad.

I seem to have a really short temper when im coming off of champix. Ive been taking one every two days now and if i try to go any longer my temper gets worse.

Im pretty sure that its not the smoking thats causing my problems and now its looking more and more like its the champix.

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Im starting to get worried as my anger is starting to cause me problems at work and I dont know what to do about it.

Please help!

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Hi H, and welcome.

I'm quitting using Champix, and it hasn't been plain sailing for me either.

First thing is, see you Doctor and check with them.

As far as cutting down is concerned, you could try cutting the tablets in half (or smaller pieces) and take them more often. That would then give you the option of cutting down more slowly and at at a manageable pace vis-a-vis your anger. Also, if you are using 1mg tablets, you could ask your doctor for 0.5mg tablets, (and cut them up too if you want to!)

I've checked with my Doctor, and it's alright to cut the tablets into bits. I'm currently cutting 1 mg tablets in half, and taking one half of a tablet 3 times a day (a total of 1.5 mg a day). I was taking 2mg a day, but found after a while that I had anxiety. Having cut down to 1.5mg, the anxiety has gone away.

Bear in mind that you can take your time coming off Champix, and don't have to come off it rapidly.

One final thought. As I understand it, Champix does partially mimic the effect of nicotine. So, when you start cutting down on the Champix, you are in effect putting yourself into mild nicotine withdrawal. Anger can be one symptom of nicotine withdrawal, so feeling angry is not necessarily something to be worried about in itself. (I do understand that being angry at work is something to be worried about :( )


Best check with doctors as I came off the champix after 8 weeks straight away without any side effects. A common one is temper so please do check this out and maybe cut down to smaller dozes than missing everyother day.




the first time i took champix i had really bad rage so did a friend i also suffered really bad hallucinations as well and these were within 2 weeks of starting them however the second time i had none only the insomnia but im a night owl anyways



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I didn't take champix

But what really worries me is that people who have took it and have experienced rage.. Anger and other not so good side effects.. And then after a failed quit attempt and you decide to stop again theses doctors then go ahead and give you theses tablets again. With all the mentioned side effects.

It just scares me that GPS are giving out theses mind altering drugs, ( they are a mild anti depressant) with looking into medical history first.


hi hunni

yep i was a loony id explode over the smallest things, not good when youve a 3 & 7 y/o who are full of beans,

I stopped taking 2 tabs a day within a few days, just taking 1, then after a further 3 weeks just stopped them, my moods settled within 2 days and i still didnt want to smoke.

Go see your Doc x

Chin up x


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