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Day 20 - Weight loss starts today

Yay. Can't quite believe I'm getting on for 3 weeks now. Woot woot!

Having done nothing but eat since I quit I'm kicking off a weight loss plan to get rid of those 7lbs I've put on in the last week - plus those 7lbs spare I had before starting. Anyone else want to join in?

Seriously, when I say nothing but eat here's an example - I went for lunch last week had a dirty big main course, rounded it off with cheesecake and cream, then went back to work where there was banana loaf cake and had 3 slices of it. :eek:

Figured I should be kind to myself in early quit and just do whatever, including eating as much as I felt like. Feeling strong enough now to rein it in and get bikini ready in time for the summer.

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Excellent - I need to remove the munchies

Any tips would be good ???

Weight loss plan love to join


I would like to join too as I am overweight and have been prior to quitting - I have not put any weight on since quitting though :)


I too would like to lose a bit of weight/avoid piling on the pounds! I am day 8 into my quit but trying to be more aware of what and how much I'm eating now I have got over the first week (I have been shovelling it in these last few days!) Last time I quit for a few months I put on 20+lbs and cannot let that happen again, it was one of the many reasons I convinced myself I was better of smoking... :eek:


I hear you

Yeah Maddie - I have to say I took up smoking again to stay skinny. Really dumb, eh? I lost 50lb a few years ago and it's mostly stayed off. I can see it coming back though if I don't stop stuffing my face. Last time I did it with diet and exercise - this time tho I'm going for a quick kick into touch slim-fast or celebrity slim for a week or 2, then getting back on the healthy eating/exercise wagon. Softly, softly eh?

Should we really start a group? Who's feeling inspired - we need a good name!



I'm about 45+ lbs too big right now, and todays the last day of stuffing my face as tomorrow is week two... I'd join a group, it would keep me honest!


It's terrible the justifications we make for smoking! :o I think a group would be a good idea! Now what to name it...


Random Viking Group Name Generation Due To Boredom:

Scaled Back

Thin Wins

Pound Fighters

Shape Ups

Biggest Losers

Until the Pants Fit

Size Matters

Smaller and Not Smoking

Hate The Weight


Until the pants fit... I like it!


Until the Pants fit

Until the Pants fit



I think thats my favourite of the ones I came up with.. anyone have any others? Yesterday was day 1 of my workouts, this group needs a name lol.


I don't think I could top that one! It's just seems very fitting...

well done on the workout!! I really need to get going again but I have lost all my energy has anyone seen it :confused:


Until The Pants Fit

I have created the group, "Until The Pants Fit" It can be found under quick links/social groups. It is open to anyone that wants to lose those extra pounds, or who wants to keep the extra from showing up in the first place. Join the group if you feel that it will be helpful.




ha ha ha our pants are our underwear. We're going commando in the UK cos our knickers don't fit. I like it :D


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