Mouth Ulcers

I woke up this morning with really, really painful mouth ulcers, right at the very back of my tongue, which my teeth keep scratching.

Is it because of the gum? Or the not smoking?

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  • oooo thats weird, my hubby got mouth ulsers as soon as he quit, he used patches tho

    Dont think it was the patches, unless he was trying to smoke em ... :D :D :D

  • Ye it's quite common when you quit nothing to do with NRT just take extra vitamin C.


  • I stubbled across this site about a link between ulcers and quitting smoking, its not spam, honest, just makes interesting reading

  • When my husband quit he had mouth ulcers.

  • Think I will pop down the chemists in the morning, they are absolutely killing me.

    But it has one wonderful side effect - do not want one of the devils little white killing sticks anywhere near my gob!

  • Yup...I used to get horrid mouth ulcers.

    I think it's the quit not the NRT or whatever.

    Same old messga, DOES pass!

    Good luck...My solution was warm slightly salt mouth washes just as often as I helped!

    B X

  • Crikey... reading that, what the HELL were we doing to oursleves??! I can't believe It's taken me THIS long to actually wake up and smell the cwaffee!! Grrrrr.. I'm so MAD with myself.. :mad:

  • P.S. can anyone tell me why I have a red dot after my name all of a sudden.. !?? :confused:

  • OMG! I'm gonna get ZITS next ????? :eek:

    Lady of us needs an eye test .....I'm not seeing any red dot ;)

  • Oh s**t!! aren't you?! :eek:

    After my name on the main block of grey colour.. ?? :confused:

  • OMG! I'm gonna get ZITS next ????? :eek:

    Lady of us needs an eye test .....I'm not seeing any red dot ;)

    I actully missed the ZITS bit outta my Day 1- now happenings.. yep, as rubbish as it is.. I got the ZITS too and I rarely get 'em usually so I'd say that was yet another side effect to deal with!! STILL... it's all worth it! What's a few eeeks of rubbish compared to the rest of our lives feeling wonderful??! Bring it on I say - I'll fight the nicotine all the way!! :D

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