Weird taste in my mouth

Strange one.....ive got a kind of strong metallic taste in my mouth.

Not sure if its the not smoking, champix, or the medications i take for my ticky ticker. Could even be the combination of all of them.

Not feeling sick or anything. If the taste hangs around for a few days, will take a trip to the doc.

Was wondering is anyone else has had this?

Its probably just my taste buds saying THANK YOU! 😃

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  • Hey Andrew, it could be coming from the cilia in your throat that re-grows back after we quit could be causing it. Smoking does so much unknown damage, and the body has alot of repairing to do, but it such a great healer. I can't imagine side effect of your medication or the champix suddenly appearing now.

    A tablespoon full of honey every morning is great for the lungs (sounds unpleasant and needs to be done quick! - I do it most mornings)

  • This could help me hmmmmm a tablespoon of honey.......

  • Sorry to say it could be gum disease - quite common in smokers - you'll likely find your gums start bleeding too - get yourself some corsydl mouthwash and a visit to the dentist

  • Could be right miscy, I got that weird taste in my mouth just before i started coughing up the tar in week 1 of my quit, but gums issues is a common complaint when we quit...

  • hi Andrewquits

    first of al have made a great decision to stop smoking.

    there's good support on this can ask questions.

    may I ask if you have fillings.since I stoped my fillings have been causing the metal taste.its like you have had foil on your fillings (if you have fillings and had a bit of tin foil touching you know what its like )

    hope your feeling better.I'm in and out of post at min.i will e back soon.

    you take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • me again

    I forget to ask if you were using a metal mouthpiece on your vape.that causes the filling to taste makes teeth hurt

    p.s they call me dizzy on you know why ha ha

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • Hi Dizzy

    Thanks for the advice. Yes, I do have fillings...too many!

    Feeling pretty good today, day 2!

    Well done on your 100 days! :)

  • Hi Andrew. I have had the metal taste in my mouth and my dentist told me it is gum disease, maybe make an appointment with your dentist to get it checked out. I'm using corsodyl toothpaste for the bleeding and I also use the corsodyl mouthwash, hope this helps

  • I tried giving up a few years ago with champix and found I had that metal taste in my mouth and when sleeping my dreams seamed so real and they weren't nice dreams. I work in Dental and what happens to a lot of people now that you're not smoking and can taste the toxins coming out through your mouth you tend to go overboard with cleaning and that too can cause bleeding. It never hurts to visit the dentist and have them cleaned and all the nicotine removed. A fresh start for the mouth too.


  • Thanks for the advice all. I went to my dentist very recently, but it wouldnt hurt to go again. I had a nose bleed yesterday, which is quite a common occurence since taking blood thinners - maybe that has something to do with it.

    Anyway, the taste has gone today!

    Day 2 - Im on it!!!

    Hope you are all doing well and keeping strong

  • Hi Andrew...Be prepared..there will be a few surprises coming...I see all the reply's and could be true but after quitting things start to taste and smell very different... My mouth tasted like burnt meat..yug glad it is in the past ...!!!

  • Day 2 Andrewquits, good man yourself! You have a great attitude, keep it up!

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