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i had 1 sticking out of my mouth

last night i craved and i craved, i found myslef really wanting 1 saying to myself that if after 7 weeks i stil crave this bad then it really aint worth giving up.

i went upstairs and found my safety pouch of backy, and rolled 1 up, i took my time of course, after that i stuck it in my mouth and i just sat there for half an hour confused with want i wanted, i wanted it but i didnt want to ruin 7 weeks hard work, the cravings are stil here today.

maybe now that all the novelty of giving up has gone, iv got nothin to keep me going any more, im beginning to question my reasones for giving up.

im not sure what to do anymore i really dont know, i find myself getting to sleep earlyer and earlyer to get through the day.

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Wow, 7 weeks, thats brilliant :)

Keep at it, and maybe take another look at why you quit in the first place, your reasons?

It would be such a shame to blow it now, as you have worked so hard to get here.

Maybe giving the baccy away, or throwing it might help rather than have it available to hand?

How about joining an NHS group too?

Remember, you have a lot of support here, I am only at the end of my first week, and the support here has helped me so so much :)

You now have better sense of tatse, smell, you smell cleaner and not of stale smoke, you have more money, better health, and are reducing the smoking related health risks.

Don't give up giving up!

Hugs x


Hi SL, well done for not lighting it!

I know what you mean about the novelty wearing off, we've got to get our heads around thinking like non smokers. I really don't think that kicking the nicotine is such a problem, it's all the associations that go with it.

I see my husband smoke, and i'm not envious but there is something inside that thinks there must have been something good about it cos I did it for so long. Still haven't thought what it was but of course we're going to try convincing ourselves that there was something good, otherwise it's like admitting we were all idiots for doing it in the first place. I've even thought of maybe having just one to see what it was that was so good, but it's a no brainer isn't it!

We have to keep reminding ourselves of all the good things we feel about not smoking. We smell great, and let's face it, it's not attractive is it. we've got more money in our pockets, we don't have to think about where we go or who with and can we smoke when we get there.

It is tough sometimes, had a row last night and could have murdered one today, but deep down I know that it won't fix anything. Remember you and me and everyone else here is doing great, let's not blow it.

One day we'll look back at all this and laugh, maybe not tomorrow, but one day. For now though, take a deep breath and do something nice for yourself.


You better not light that thing, Sourlink!!! Even if you started again you KNOW you will want to quit again..... you will regret it and have to START ALL OVER AGAIN???? I have those days, too..... believe me but it's your negative thinking that is wanting to make you have a drag..... life will not be more 'fun' when you smoke again..... you are over the smokes.... you really are!!! Try to go running to get your thoughts clear, stay on here for the rest of the day, breathe, get fresh air.... anything to switch your thoughts around. The nic demon is playing mind games with you..... you can beat him easily!!! Hang in there.... try to :) We are here for you!!!


Hi S L

So you rolled a fag slowly,stuck it in your mouth and sat there for 1/2 an hour unsure what you wanted right but didn't want to ruin 7 weeks hard work and I really can understand that

But I think deep down in your head although you say you craved it you didn't not really or else you would have LIT IT and said to hell with it don't you

Think about it SL and you will know this for what it truly was are you there yet

IT WAS THOSE SNEAKY B...........D NICOTINE :eek: DEMONS AGAIN up to their old tricks of trying to drag you back again but SL stay strong and keep saying no to them there can only be one WINNER you and they are still at it today

Do not ever question your reasons for quitting they are as valid now as they were then

When I felt like this I went out for a walk did a puzzle from my book anything to take my mind of it and it worked failing that come here and tell us how you are feeling we are always here to help that's what we do best you know this SL

Stay strong you can do this you have already proved it staying quit for 7 weeks

Love and a Huge hug



mines been a month now quit 8th feb isometimes feel like you are. i just keep doin it day by day and i think of my 5 kids and health and partner quit over a year ago and said them feelings will go


Sourlink: We quit at about the same time. I get those craves too. Not very often, but once a month(how good it is to say month not days) I'll have a day when I think of cigs often. Anyway I just tell myself " I am a nicotine addict. I cannot afford to feed my addition. I choose not to smoke." By the time I get this thought out, the crave is gone. Sometimes I go drink a glass of cold water and that helps. You didn't light up because you said you didn't want to waste 7 weeks of quitting. What else? Do you want to go back to being a slave to the little white sticks. How about smelling like crap! What about your health! Read! You can do this. Keep the faith! ;)

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Seven weeks is great stuff but still pretty early days.

Long enough tho' as you say for the initial novelty to have worn off. Thing is deep down inside you know you want to stop being controlled by this stupid addiction or you'd have sparked up that rollie.

It's difficult to 'knit' yourself the perfect quit but resolve surely has to be part of the weave. Get reading and knitting 'cos it makes sense :confused:;):)


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