tested to the limit today!

Just wanted to share this, Today my grandson played in the FA Cup against the Mighty Chelsea. They were expected to get thrashed! Well the played really really well, and my grandson made my heart swell with pride!!

But I watched it on TV at home with all my Family, and I didnt even think about having a smoke!! How good is that! I admit Ihave chewed one of my inhalators to bits but it never entered my head to have a cig, even though every one was nipping outside for one with nerves.Im so happy I really really think I can do this!..............By the way they drew 2 2 so have to have a re match in feb, so here comes another test....:o

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  • Aww Tooshay, that's fantastic!!! You know you've turned a corner when you go through something like that and cigs don't even come into it! Not smoking is obviously second nature now! Well done you!!

    I'd like to bet that your grandson is just as proud of you too for packing in :D

  • Brilliant that you did not need that cig.:) Congrats to your grandson, he did you proud today.They did play well.They played their socks off, tooshay. x

  • Thanks Max, It was after everyone had gone I even thought about it and Wow it felt good! before my Quit I could have easily gone through ten at times like that, ,and another good thing is ,the family dont ask me all the time how Im coping now Ive stopped smoking,which used to drive me mad at times and made me think about it, so, all in all its looking good, BUT baby steps! one day at a time.

    Im not going to get ahead of myself still a veeeeeeeery long way to go.:o

  • HEY Becky, are you a fan? yes we are very proud of him, we have been with him every step of the way since he was 10 years old, but he has paid us back a thousand fold, he is a good lad, and is over the moon that Im trying to kick this horrible habit......cheers everyone your all great!

  • Hi tooshay.I'm the other half of a fan who watches just about every match that is shown. He even tapes them to be watched later if he cannot watch in real time. I am usually youtubing or sommat on laptop so listen to the commentaries on the tele and the groans and cussing that come over from the other sofa.:D I can bet your grandson is over the moon with you. My quit is discussed between my daughter and sis all the time. They are just so chuffed I've got so far.

  • well small world eh ? So your other half is a fan, well I tell you I have followed our boy at every club hes been at and Ive never known fans like ours, they are brilliant ,funny, loyal and sometimes fickle, ha ha The only downside is hes had to move away from home but rings me everyday to see how im doing, Hes pleaded with me for years to Quit he hates smoking, but like every drug youve got to want to stop yourself, so fingers crossed , but Im doing it for myself this time, good luck with your Quit!

  • Please send me all your dont you dare smoke vibes.

    :eek: Well here we go again, BIG test number two on Sunday, Its the replay, and they will be ready for us this time! I WILL NOT SMOKE!!! even if we get battered, Ive got my inhalator at the ready! and a spare! I WILL NOT SMOKE!!!

  • HA ha I can imagine KAT! Im the same, I was really proud of myself the last Chelsea match, I really did chew through my inhalator, lol I could have gone to this match as well but I think it would have been pushing my luck, with the Quit so I will be watching on tv again or hiding behind the sofa!

    we are blues as well, but of course we have to support the club he plays for:D

  • stress! getting the hang of this now!

    Hi everyone, Stood them off first half, and got thrashed second half, and didn't want a smoke, or need a smoke, so thanks for all the dont you dare smoke vibes, it worked!:cool:;):)

  • Well done for resisting toosh! Today has been my worst day. My sons a fantastic player, this is his first game back after injury, and my first time watching as a non smoker. It was torture! I got through more chewing gum than Alec Ferguson in a cup final! The craves have still not faded and i've been in a foul mood all afternoon. Feels great that i've stayed strong though, i really want to set a good example since he keeps himself fit and healthy. We will just have to work our way through it, hopefully it will start to get easier soon. :)

  • Ha Ha Denise, I feel your pain, It really does get easier I promise, I didn't chew through my inhalator this week, so things are getting better lol you keep going,,,,your son will be as proud of you as you are of him.:)

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