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Am i allowed in this room ?

Hi everyone well im confused as to where im supposed to be ,lol thats not hard i suppose for me . Anyway my quit counter tells me im 3wks 1 day and all the other little bits , had a few bad days last week but hey i got through them and still feel very positive about my quit . Has anybody seen Debsblair ?hope she is doing well .Not sure who else is with me in this room but hey well done all .

Lorraine x

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Hi lorraine join the club i am confused to i am the same have just completed 3 weeks and entered my 4th week as there is no 4 weeks i imagine we move on up to 1 month.Glad to hear your quit is going well and you are still are doing great.

onwards and upwards



Hi Dave i think we could just move in here lol , not sure anyboby lives here so could be ok sure someone will tell us otherwise if we are wrong and boot us right back .:eek:


hi, you cant all move without little ole me! :)

my 4th week soon but not gonna celebrate till my quitkeeper says 1 month !

well done to you both :D

jude xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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