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been a while but am I allowed back

I've been up and down for the last month trying to get a full week under my belt before I came crawling back here. So after alot of stopping and starting I realised that when I came in here everyday I sailed through 3 weeks+... So thought it would be best to get back here.

Back on day one, but back.

Thank you all for being here.

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Good to see you back defrog, don't ever stop coming back, some of us have to try more times than others, but so what, as long as you're willing, you'll get it in the end. Look at peoples sigs and get some more reading done. David


Hi,good to see you back, its a wise decision!!


thanks guys... already feels good to be back and I'm not going to dwell on the last month...moving on!


Welcome back!

You are always welcome and 3 weeks - well done!



'If at first you don't succeed? Try.. try.. again!'

'God loves a trier!'

Must hear these expressions all the time, but oh so true.

Although!!! master yoda may have something to say...

he would much rather say 'Do or do not! There is no try!' :)

Either way? welcome back and best of luck to you :)


Hi defrog

no better place to be but back to ure quit xx ure doing just brill. xxx

xxxxx well done you xxxx


Hi Defrog missed you, and so glad you are back, remember its not how long you have managed to stay quit and its not the slips either its that you want to be a no smoker, so congrats to you whether its one day ten days or ten years.

Dont stop coming on if you have a slip we need to be able to support you and get you back on track because if we try to do it alone I think we stand more chance of failing.

Again its good to have you back, and its good to see mods getting involved well done you as well xx


this is hard

i joined this forum today my username i'm on day 5 - and its hard but i will never put another cig in my mouth again...

its well worth the extra energy and sense of taste and smell. already i feel better than i have in years.


keep on keeping on

You are right I have heard them all before but I'm here to hear them again... It all helps. Once I get it in my head that I want to stop I actually look forward to it. Like everything else if you just keep going then time takes care of the rest.

Had a great day out with the kids today and can't wait to do i again once I have got a week down the line. Smell that country air :)


Well done on getting back on your quit:D Good luck:D

lee x


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