No Smoking Day

I am such a Numpty!!!

Had the worst day ever today, was drowning in paperwork, got a migraine, went to bed, got up, still drowning in paperwork couldn't do anything to take my mind of it, couldn't go on computer, couldn't read, couldn't do a suduko, couldn't even go for a walk, . You'd think id be used to these damn migraines by now, get them often enough. Anyway for some reason thought a cig would make it all better. Of course it didn't. Please dont send me back to day 1 :( Just need a plan of what to do when i get the next one. Sorry team.

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Thanks Mo jo. But yeah they are horrible. still feeling a bit wobbly, but a least I can see now.


Aw Looby Loo, you knew that cigarette wouldn't help, didn't you? :( And now you're kicking yourself - but stop it now, it was just a wee slip, and all is not lost!

Throw away all those cigarettes, girl !!!!

I still want you on my team, honey, cos I know you can beat this! :D

I could never do it cold turkey though......this Champix is brilliant! :cool:

Tomorrow is another day..........chin up! :)


aww hun, hope your feeling better by the time you read this.

you should try champix though, it is really good and your team mates need you!!


keep it up you can do it chin up another day tomorrow


Looby Lou, you are not a numpty at all, you've just had a blip..I suffer with migraines so I understand what you have gone through today...We are a team and like Barbara I too still want you in our team...Look forward to seeing you tomorrow in day 3 :D


Aw Thanks Everyone- I am feeling much better now. Ya know this team thing really does help. Cos if it wernt for that I would have smoked the whole packet. Now I am feeling stronger than ever before. Your right it was just a blip and I will see you all tomorrow. Day 3 here we come:D


Lou just keep going. Keep quitting because it will happen for you i am sure.

I am using Champix and it really is helping me. Any chance you could give it a try, if not no worries just keep trying.




The important thing is you keep trying,try not to worry about this blip,you will succeed....promise.

Onwards and upwards,Lisa x:)



Sue is right, and as you haven't signed into the Day 3 room, I'm guessing you didn't throw those cigarettes away? (I hope I am wrong)

Howya doin today? We're all here for you.....come on in :)


Thanks Margaret. Your Doing sooo Well. Some post you put together there. wise wise words.

I know I am such a pain. I Am sticking with it, cos one day all this will be over and I will be so glad that i didn't put it off again. I have decided however that if by the time my dad gets off his holidays I am still struggling then i am going to make an appointment for Champix.. I would have to wait till then anyway so that it will be 6 months since I had last lot of nrt. you are only allowed 1 try in 6 months. grrrrrr. If only life was so simple.

:confused: that sounds like a contradiction i think, but I know what I mean, sure you do to.


Extremely loud sound heard of.........

**nee nar - nee nar - nee nar.....woo - woo - woo - woo!!!!!**

Quick Sue RUN!!!!

Hee hee - just kiddin! x :D



It's good to hear you're keeping stopped. One ciggie is NOT going to stop you...

But you haven't said what you did with the others!!

Make sure you bin 'em or you'll just be putting more pressure on yourself.

Don't forget all the little things you can do when you feel like you've got to have a cigarette. Eat celery, carrot, suck a sweetie, drink a glass of water. Just do whatever suits you. have a plan for when those moments hit.

Anyone ever heard of the 'Callaghan Technique'? It involves doing a whole series of little things when you want a cig. Worked for me up to a point, but it was too wierd and I dropped it...Cold Turkey seems to me the most challenging way to stop - that's only my experience, I know it suits some people.

The most important thing is to get back and be part of the team still.

Good luck...DON'T be hard on yourself...We've ALL been there!

Bill X


thanks Bill. whats this callaghan tecnique. not heard of that.

p.s I threw the other away. :confused:


Hi Sue

I think you have given excellent advice to Lou.

I have let the team down and yesterday i went to see about going back on smoking programme at Tesco`s.

I am also going to look into champix.

I am going back to my original quit date of march 12th.

Sorry to Lou,Barbara,Behappy.

Barb x


Aw Barbara, dont be silly, you not let anyone down. It really is as hard to make the bloody decision as anything else. I am still sat here today wondering what to do. aaaarrrrrrgggg. how silly is this, at that back of my mind I keep thinking I should have waited till march 12th. but then i would be just putting it off again. I get so confused. :confused:

You will do it barbara, we all will cos we wouldn't keep coming back and trying if we didn't want it so much. All we can do is keep trying. xx hugs xx


Hi Lou - Barb

The urge to smoke can take many forms - it is very insidious and you will find yourself make excuses, convince yourself the timing is wrong, etc. I still do one month on and I guess the thinking may always be there albeit seldom (I hope!) but easier to deal with.

Champix does help with the physical side but certainly did not help me deal with the habit/psychological side which in some way is much more difficult to deal with because completely unexpected at times.

It has become easier for me to reason with myself with time. It can still be very hard and I understand what it feels like for you today but stick at quitting - this is the most important.



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