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Starting Week 3


I made it! I had a few very hard days since I quit but the last couple of days have been painless.

Just a quick question for previous and existing Champix users - I read about coming off Champix gradually to avoid the return of big withdrawal symptoms as the Champix-induced dopamine fix is stopped. How did you do it if you have been on a course and how are you planning to do it if still on the cource? My GP was clueless when I asked. Personally I'd rather stick to the full course and then have an extra month to lower the dose gradually. We will see.




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Have no idea about champix but just wanted to say congratulations on reaching week 3 - you're flying now! :)

Likewise i dont know about the medication but well done anyway. :D

Thank you! :p


Dont know about Champix but the nurse told me not to come off the patches gradually. On 24 hr ones for next two weeks then she is going to put me on 16 hr ones for six weeks then I think 12 hrs so I gradually come off them that way so I would think you are right in doing the full course then coming off them gradually.

Well done for getting this far.:D

hi cat, i think ill reduce them to a half dose, see how i get on then lower them some more but not untill the last week, i dont wanna take the risk to soon.

ill see what the gp says aswell.

jude xxxxxxxxxxx

and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo well done for getting here!!

:D :) :D

Oh - and well done to you too Jude!!!!

Please let me know what your GP says. I would not stop without reducing as I definitively feel the pill's effect - especially in the morning and then when it starts to wear off in the late afternoon. A definite sense of relief (best way to describe it?)

The psychological demons are still lurking though but are easier to defeat. I was visiting some blogsand other forums the other day and they made me feel quite inadequate - mainly presenting Champix as a "easy" quit - which has not been true for me. It helped me in the initial stages - definitively - and takes the edge off but there is still a lot of willpower involved for me - so I would not qualify it as a miracle cure or an easy way to quit (but highly recommended as a straightforward one if that makes sense????)


im seeing gp on friday so will let you know.

as for champix being a easy quit, who the hell cares!! as long as we succeed , which we will !!

some forums are pathetic, stick with this one! :)

Well done on getting to your third week :D

Hi Sara

I have asked my new adviser (who also deals with heroin addiction full time and has experience of the drug they use for cessation which is similar in the way it works to champix) and he advised weaning off over time. He advised against splitting pills in two because they are coated and splitting them removes some of the potency. He is going to find out more for me by the time I see him on Saturday so I will post what he says as to a recommended wean off regimen.


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