Woohoo, start of week 3!

Hi all!

I've moved up a forum! I'm into week 3 and while it feels like it isn't getting any easier, I'm pretty sure it is.

I think I'm fixating on the few cravings I have now, which makes it seem like I'm actually worse! I definitely have less of them, and they're not quite so harsh now. Fingers crossed I'll make it, this is easily the longest I've been :)

Hopefully Justintime & Mrs Justintime have made it here too :)

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  • I know excatly what you mean p-j!

    I know i still get cravings but if i am logical about it i know in my heart of hearts they are not like they used to be!

    Tis hard to explan, like i said before if you remember? i posted bad when you first started and scared you >_<


    The cravings feel bad but they are nothing compared to before, mother nature is a sweet lady and she does not want us to always remember how much the cravings hurt! so now we forget and these diddy infrequent cravings feel hard because she took away the bad times x

    ~ x X x X x ~

  • Both doing fine thanks,wife has been very lucky and has had no cravings from the start,I could never had gone cold turkey like her ,but it just shows different ways help different people.The last time she quit she was on patches and after a couple of days they were making her itch,so she just did without them with no cravings and quit.Cravings have gone for me but i dare not stop the pills until i have a few more weeks behind me.

  • Well done P-J Mr and Mrs Justin

    I also get a few cravings but I try and think of day 4 and 5 And it makes me feel better I never want them days back. keep going your all doing great Linda

  • My wife borrowed my cashcard and took it to work so I couldn't buy any patches today. I'm climbing up the walls a bit!

    Damn nicotine addiction. Oh well, maybe I can go cold turkey from today... :)

  • Ouch!

    Lol good luck with today!

    hmmm take it easy don't run before you can walk!

    ~ x X x X x ~

  • Yeah, I've changed my mind and will get patches as soon as I get home, it's pretty tough going at the minute.

  • P-J Yeah, I've changed my mind and will get patches as soon as I get home, it's pretty tough going at the minute.

    Sorry it's tough

    x just a few hours, you can do that x

    ~ x X x X x ~

  • Thanks for the encouragment.

    There is very slim to none chance of me even contemplating buying cigarettes at this point, I've come too far. I just need to get a patch on and I'll be fine, only 5 hours to go XD

  • I hope you have not taken it out on your wife :rolleyes:

    lol I bet she feels terrible :(

  • Good god no, it's not her fault!

  • :D

    Good good lollol

    Glad you see sense, some wouldn't see it like that :rolleyes:

  • Stay with it,a couple of hours are nothing,we have come 15 days .Let us know how you go on.

  • Hi folks 3 weeks and 2 days.

    The last couple of days have been really hard dont no why.

    especially today, i nearly give in 10 mins ago and went to the shelf where i kept my 2 remainding fags that i had left when i gave up, but i thought i would come on here to see how other poeple are getting on instead.

    I really thought it would have got easy by now but them cravings are still strong,i will beat this im sure i will especially when i check my quit keeper out.

    I have been quit for 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 16 hours, 4 minutes and 7 seconds (23 days). I have saved £161.04 by not smoking 733 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Days, 13 hours and 5 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 22/04/2007 00:30


  • Hi Wolfy,i am on champix too.You say hard the last days,can you explain what type of cravings,I just get a feeling i would like a fag and now all i think is no i dont and it goes away.I hope you pull through this tough period

  • Hi guys, glad to hear everyone is ok.

    I have the patch on now and am doing fine. I didn't realise how much effect the patch was having, not looking forward to weening myself off them!

    I have an almost full pack of cigarettes in the house, but it helps me to be able to shun them, reminds me how far I've come. I'll probably take them to work tomorrow and give them to one of my old smoking buddies, a kind of 'rites of passage' if you will :)

  • Ahhhhhhhh *sigh* of relief

    Ah glad you got your patch back on *phew* lol

    It was no problem weening off them for me, the course of stages and weeks is well planned out and there for a reason. If followed correctly it should not be a problem at all

    x x you are doing so very well!

    you are one of the stronger quitters, IMHO,

    but it is still early days x x

  • Yikes! I do feel strong after yesterday though, I can't believe I made it through the day without even having a blast on a co-workers cigarette!

    I'm going to do the full 8 weeks->2 weeks ->2 weeks on the patches now for sure. Maybe even longer if I don't feel that I'm ready.

    I'd rather be addicted to patches than craving for cigarettes :)

  • Well Done

    Glad your feeling back on track now the NRT is back on track,

    Glad you see the need for the full course!

    If you start eating the patches though, this maybe a time to start worrying :D lollol

  • I did lick one to see what it tasted like. Pretty manky, I must admit :)

  • p-j think you are mad licking the patch what next. Glad you feel little better now you have them back. I have 4 weeks on the 21 patch 6 weeks next tues on the 14 then i will do 2 weeks on 7 hopfully by then I will be able to go with out. We will all do it our own way as long as we get there. Keep going your doing really well LInda

  • ROFL

    Oh P-J that is funny!

    You don't know until you try! :p

  • Hey! Don't knock it till you've tried it :)

    Anyway, this is two weeks and two full days for me now (so I'm on week 2 day 3) and doing alright!

    Wonder how Justin and Mrs Justin are doing?

  • True true I am always telling my kids 'how do you know you don't like it if you haven't tried it?!' :rolleyes:

    Sure he n she's doing fine :D hopefully will check in later.

    Well Done to you and your 2 weeks 2 days under your belt :D

  • P-J are you still with us,how is it going.Today and last night are the worst i have had. I have gone from no craves to being in agony last night.Today is not good but better.Today i have not taken any Champix,my idea is that if i have craved that bad with it,then it cant get worse without it.

  • Hi guys. I'm still with you, just posting less frequently as I don't think about it so much now.

    Sorry you've had a bad night, but I've had one or two in the last week so I'm guessing it's just part of the process. At least you haven't gone back to the fags, which can only be a good thing!

    90% of the time I don't think about it now. 5% of the time I think about it but don't want a cigarette, and the other 5% I think about it and really DO want a cigarette. It's funny how things change over a few days :)

  • Great you are still here.Much better today,day 21.Still off the champix and only problem is now sleep.Champix made me fall to sleep and have great dreams,so now i am taking half the night to get to sleep,but this will pass.

  • Great you are still here.Much better today,day 21.Still off the champix and only problem is now sleep.Champix made me fall to sleep and have great dreams,so now i am taking half the night to get to sleep,but this will pass.

    I highly recommend Nytol herbal sleeping tablets. I couldn't sleep the first few nights so I took those for about 10 days and got a great sleep (without nightmares) every night. They're reasonably priced and you can't get hooked on them as far as I can tell.

    Even if it's a placebo it's a small price to pay. They've worked for me EVERY time I've used them.

  • Hi Guys I think I might have to give the Nytol a go - started removing the patches cos I wasn't sleeping but still sleeping really bad - I've never been so tired without a hangover - at least then you had a good night to compensate!

    Keep with it.

    Loopy XX

  • Feeling better...I mean a lot better on the 3rd week:D !!!

  • Me and Justintime are on week 4 now, but there's no forum for it! Yikes!

  • He he I know everyone panics when they find that out :eek:

    Lollol not really x hang on in week 3 thats what I did, not much choice really :rolleyes:

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