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No Smoking Day
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Starting Week 3 - THANK YOU

Hi All,

Day 15 today, so the beginning of week 3. Feeling really good today and positive about a smoke-free future.

Enjoying reading all the posts, and find this forum and being in MMQ CREW such a support and help.

So I just wanted to say a BIG BIG THANKS to everyone on here,

- to those who have quit for months and your messages of support, your experience and guidance,

- those already in the penthouse (i'm green with envy!) and a target to aim for,

- all the newbies that keep joining and renew my resolve every day...

...And of course massive thanks to all the MMQ Crew - together we are stronger.:D

Anyway thanks everyone, in no small way you are all a part of the reason that I have had 2 weeks of freedom and so much more to look forward to.


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Well done Deke .... 15 days..... over £75 saved.... mmmmm what to buy ??? Its saturday get down the shops .....


Hi Deke :D

You're doing great and beginning week 3 already just keep it going but I am sure you will


Marg xxxxxxx


Well done Deke,

3 weeks is fantastic, bet your well chuffed with yourself, I second what Greg says, get down the shops;)

Lottie -x-


Hello everyone...

I haven't posted in a week or so..( did anyone think that I got lost or something). Nope, just busy. :D

Today is officially 4 weeks since my last smoke !

When my life is quiet and I'm not having any kind of craving...I sit and think about my last "real" nicotine withdrawal episode....I remember how I got through it...( then I congratulate myself) for overcoming that period....Then I tell myself that if I could get over that withdrawal symptom, then I will be able to handle the next one. They aren't so frequent anymore...maybe just three or four a day...but when it does happen, I kind of smile and just FEEL what is going on ... Thought I would pass that along to anyone just starting out....

I have saved over 200 dollars so far...it feels great. I still love putting on hand lotion and actually being able to smell it. My hair conditioner smells great too....and I am NO LONGER paranoid that I stink of a cigarette.

At night time, I lie in my bed and I take the deepest breathes possible...I love that it doesn't make me cough anymore !!! No matter how much air I suck into my lungs now....there is no coughing !!

(I guess I should say that 4 weeks ago, something like that would have thrown me into a coughing fit...and some of those coughing fits would actually cause me to start vomiting !! That's when I knew I had a real problem ( not to mention that it was the most disguisting sound !!!)

I think the only draw-back to this quitting smoking stuff, is that my taste buds are really really back...everything taste so good to me...and I have put on 4 pounds -- but pounds can be removed -- cancer isn't that easy to remove...I find myself nibbling on snacks all the time, so I thought that I would make a big batch of low-fat popcorn and use that instead of the cookies and crackers that have become my new best friends (hehehe). I still do the carrott totem poles too....

Thanks to all of you that saw me through those first four weeks !! I'll post again soon (and hopefully won't take up too much space here)...



Hi Dyke, yeah I second everything u have said, I too appreciate all the help from everyone from new to more experienced quitters. Also the MMQs are a great support. Really look forward to coming onto this site now, actually, I maybe getting addicted!!:) Kaz


Hi Debs :D

4 weeks that's great well done I did wonder where you'd got to thought maybe you got lost in the wilds somewhere HA HA


Marg xxxxxxx


4 weeks gr8 news keep it up.

mmmm Pop Corn..... I'm off to the kitchen :D


hi deke

good going keep it up get down the shops and treat yourself you deserve it



HEllo to all !

Thanks for your kind words Marg...My quitstats no longer says weeks....it turned into months ! So now it's 1 month 4 days !

Today was a tough one...really strong nicotine fit, so I thought I would write my experience in the hope that it could help someone else.

I had trouble sleeping last night...rushed into work with a cup of coffee...had 2 more cups and by 1:00 I couldn't stop thinking about just having 1 puff...I made an excuse to leave the office early today. I found some nicotine gum in my purse...and chewed that...but I was so stressed and full of anxiety that I had every intenion of going to the store and buying a pack of smokes. I planned on smoking just one, and throwing out the rest. I thought it would be my own little secret and I wouldn't tell anyone. So I grabbed a diet pepsi and left the office.

I suddenly found myself at a drive-thru of a local McDonalds (take-out junk food if you haven't heard of it before). I was driving home from work and just eating as fast as I could.....trying so hard not to buy cigarettes. By the time I finished consuming probably 2500 calories, the urge to smoke had left me.

So today I learned a very important lesson -- I need to make certain that I am eating balanced meals -- going hungry and not getting enough sleep really affects the way I think towards being quit. I was overtired and hungry and the first thing I thought of was smoking -- big mistake !!!

Well, I never did stop to buy any....I went home and spent the rest of the day doing stuff I needed to get done....the urge had totally gone.

anyways...that's my story !! Wishing all of you a smoke-free weekend !!!


Hi DebUSA :D

Good to hear from you again WOW 1 month 4 days quit that's great well done Big Hug is on it's way for you

Well done for beating off that strong crave so you ate 2500 worth of calories but you killed the urge to smoke and you learned a lesson as well

I am really sorry your day was so tough but you won that fight and now know that whatever those sneaky little B.......d Nico :eek: Demons throw your way you can beat them off


Marg xxxxxxxx


whoooop whoooop WELL DONE DEKE!!!!! Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?? :D:D!!!! Bet you are well chuffed with yourself ( I know I am ) ... whooooooooo this no smoking lark is FANTASTIC.


Hi All,

Day 15 today, so the beginning of week 3. Feeling really good today and positive about a smoke-free future.

Hi Deke

Well done, keep it going mate !!! I will soon be catching you up am on day 5 now lol... best move i ever made




Hi debsusa, well done on your 1 month and 4 days quit, that is fantastic!

And an even bigger well done on getting through your big crave today, those nico-demons will be well pi**ed off that you decided to eat mcdonalds instead of feeding them! But hey you did it, and every time we face these craves and win we become stronger and stronger.

You are the winner today, stay strong and keep smiling:)



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