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Start of week 3

Hardly any sleep-thank goodness I have this forum :)

I am starting to worry now because my plan is at the start of week 5, I will stop the inhalator.

I know it is the right thing to do. I have planned to start doing some light exercise and build up slowly to try and get some fitness back. Hopefully it will take my mind off things and help me sleep.

Congrats' to all that have got this far; I am looking forward to my horrible heartburn going away as well. I am getting through alot of Rennies, and my inhalator stick has chew marks in it.

I may also do a five day water fast, I do one every year but I'm not sure wether to start it on the same day as getting off the stick or to wait the 72 hours when I am nicotine free because I know I will be really hungry.

The 3 days before the fast I usually just eat raw and for the 3 days afterwards.

Any advice please?

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Hi, well done on week three, glad you're feeling good. Not sure what to say about the inhalator, I would probably wait until the nicotine is out of your system, and then perhaps add a few days to make sure you're in top frame of mind.

I think you're very brave with the water fast thing, I certainly couldn't do it at the moment, doing my best to stop eating anything that doesn't move!

Good luck with your inhalator, and your fast, let us know how you are.

Lorraine :)


Hi Kermit :D

Well done you starting week 3 that's great sorry you're not sleeping well but it will improve soon


Marg xx


Well done Kermit, we've made it to week 3.

I wasn't sure what a water fast was, first off I thought you meant no water, now I think you mean no food. What are you aiming to get out of not eating? I drink 2-3 litres of water a day anyway (smoker or not), it's really important.

Exercise is key. I got the green light from my surgeon yesterday that I can start exercising again the first thing I'm doing after work tonight is to run my a4se off. It's the best way to get rid of tension, stress, etc.


Hi, sorry to hear about the lack of sleep, feeling tired can certainly make many other things seem worse than they are, it will pass and you will start to feel better.

As for the detox thing, I really can't comment, food is my one weakness!!

You are doing really well and will soon be counting in months and not weeks, I would only quit the inhalator when you feel fully ready, whenever that might be.


Well Done Kermit......

Week 3 is a fantastic achievement, sounds are though you are focused on your quit...:)



Hi Lozza,

Yes I am sugar rushing at the moment but pineapple seems to take the edge off a bit. Yes I think I will take your advice about the inhalator and make sure I am nicotine free before starting the fast, hope all is well with you.

Hi Marge,

Thanks for that, you know I had a small jog today with the dogs and apart from getting more gunk off my chest it has made me knackered-good stuff!

Hi Polster,

Yes I drink alot of water daily and when I was military I was pretty fit, so I am not new to exercise!

The fasting rests the colon and stomach and I always feel energised and really great, although it is very important to eat lightly before and after.

The first time I did it was four years ago and I have done it once or twice at the beginning of the year and in the Summer. There are alot of benefits but it is a personal choice.

Congrats also!

Hi Bev,

I am on one capsule a day for the inhalator so not too bad. I started with four on the first day. I think what is on my mind is when I quit before 3 years ago I was using gum for six months and found it so hard to come off it despite jaw ache and mouth ulcers, so I am just thinking less and faster so I hope I can stay strong.

Hi Shaz,

Yes I am determined this time to stay nicotine free for the rest of my life and just try to make the most of it because it just seems to go so quickly doesn't it and there are so many things I want to do.

Thankyou for your support.


Hi Kermit,

Well done on reaching 3 weeks - feels amazing doesn't it? :)

Don't bite off more than you can chew - the last thing you want is to come crashing down. Personally not using the inhilator was no problem as it doesn't taste right anyway ;) I hope you find it easy too

Good luck

Jen x


Kermit mate, we have the same quit date, so I'm going to level with you.

I have never been more hungry, more often than I was the last two weeks. If you can "water fast" (just drink water for 5 days?) and start the nicotine quit, you are a far far better frog than I am. Your blood sugar levels in your body will be going absolutely mental as soon as the nicotine stops "rewarding" you by releasing it into your body. This is a great piece on it:

So I would put off the fast for a couple of weeks until all that settles down.

I too intend to start jogging again soon. I dug my trainers out of the garage only to find that they have largely disintgrated. Another excuse not to get all the excuses we used not to quit smoking I guess! :)

Keep it up mate!


Kermit - ok, I see you've got the exerecise thing dialled.

I just read the sugar levels link, thanks Munt.

I intend to stuff my face for the first 4 weeks whenever I feel I need to. After 4 weeks I'm going to regulate my diet again and go on a hardcore gym routine. Gonna be interesting to see how far I can run as a non smoker - reckon I might be bionic.


To be honest Munter the hunger thing isn't as bad this week, although I have got through 26 cups of green tea with honey (I used to hate green tea).

The blood sugar thing was very interesting thank you

Today is the third day jogging, I felt more tired before I went but it was much easier once I got going-nice and muddy grass so as not to kill the joints.

How is the CT going? I read in another thread about people noticing other people smoking more. I have noticed more on films on tv. Isn't it strange that it is illegal to advertise but they are still making films with people who smoke in them......?

You know Jen I don't mind the inhalator atall apart from heartburn and sometimes a sore throat but that is going away. I know you said dont bite off more.....but this is the best way for me-I did it too slowly last time and then caved at a funeral.

Good like with the bionics pol.


*luck oops:o


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