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9 Days Now And Going Strong...


I know I can make it now- Chantix is really amazing...I dont think I could do it without it as I have tried so many times before. Yesterday I took 1mg. and that seems to be the right dosage for me. Yesterday I went to get gas and the man behind the counter automatically gave me a pack of cigarettes..it felt great to push them back at him and say no thanks..dont need these anymore. I had to give up drinking wine since this is a major trigger for smoking..I am starting to feel much better now...thanks all!!

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That's fantastic, sounds like it's going really well for you. :)

thats brill :D

i agree , it is very good!!

jude x

Hi smokesignal,

Congrats on getting to day 9-youve done great!!!

Keep on keepin on:):)

Love Lisa x

congrats & good work! I think this is day 9 for me also... still pretty easy but sleeping is a little more tougher the past 2 days

Day 9 for me too!

Quit smoking today, couldn't stand it anymore! feeling a bit foggy headed now moved to 1mg and a bit snappy!

Other than that everything else going great:D

congrats smoke, i' on the full champix, not thought of cutting down, may do tho. keep it up!


WTG Smokey

Day 10 now smoke. Well done. Linda xxxxxxxxxxx

Day 10 now smoke. Well done. Linda xxxxxxxxxxx

:eek:...:eek:...:eek: Noooooooo!!! dont shes only kidding !!!! LOL LOL

a rather unfortunate choice of words

Te he. Please nosmoke dont now smoke!!!

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