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Day 18 and going strong

Just thought I'd post - day 18 today, have been out most of the weekend and never caved in - was around smokers all Friday night. Chain smoking, coughing, dirty ashtrays, smoking butts cos they'd run out. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt - no thanks, disgusting. Past couple of days have been a little easier - getting cravings but think so what I don't want to smoke. Nothing that is unmanageable. Still a long way to go but feel as though I'm on the right road - for now.... and well done to everyone else for getting through a weekend without a ciggie.. doesn't it make you feel proud

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Sure dose and you should be sooo proud of yourself WELL DONE ! your a SUPERSTAR>


Way to go cazbags.18days is fantastic. Know exacty what yyou when you say about'beenthere,done that etc. The longer I don't smoke the more I see it as a t hing I 'used' to do but not any more.Other peoples smoke doesn't disgust me as such but it doesn't make me want a cig anymore either!


18 days is just brilliant. Well Done you.:)


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt - no thanks, disgusting.

Lol this is so very me too :D It helps to think like that doesn't it! it is so freeing to realize "omg I do not NEED to smoke anymore!" Wasn't it stressful to always have to worry about where/how to have the next one :rolleyes:

You're doing great, congratulations!!


Another day in heaven hey? :D

Keep on going but please try to avoid places that will tempt you... I am on DAY 12 myself and living in southern California makes it much easier for me to not be around smokers... Most of them hang out in bars or in some isolated place outside...

The more time is passing by the more restriction you are falling into being a smoker. For instance in Del Mar, CA a sub of San Diego, CA you cannot smoke anymore at the beach... drinking has been ban at the beach as well coincendantly.

Anyway there are talks to make a whole small sub out here smoke-free hahaha... That my friends is AWESOME news for us trying to quit.

Well in my opinion you should consider completely avoiding people that smoke in your environment for the at least six weeks in order for you to reprogram yourself from your new bad habits to your new habits: NOT smoking.


Good on ya Cazbags, it'll be 19 now? Soon not be in the teens any more!!

I'm so pleased bars etc are non smoking here. Once i've finished my day time job i do a couple of evenings in our local and i couldn't bare it if there was still smoking inside. The guys come in proper reeking and it makes me gag!!

At least you passed a difficult test at the weekend, infact...we all did :D


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