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Day 2 and going strong!!


Hi everyone.

Had a moment this morning after my cuppa, (usually have a cig with it) but went straight out with the dog and walked it off which helped it must be something to do with having a 15 year old too ha. also its hard at work as everyone here smokes their not really helping but im just riding through the craving, i think ive had about 20 waves this morning ha looking forward to day 3, im remembering that for some reason the 3s r the hard one's.

Hope everyone's having a good smokefree day, ill post again tommorrow.

Good luck

Jules :D

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Just wanted to say WELL DONE!! And keep it up!!!:D

Go go go!

That's the attitude...Stay uber positive!!! I just broke into week 9 today...seems like no time at all. Remember day 3 well and it wasn't bad at all.

Remember that it's all in our heads and we are bombarded by brainwashing everyday which makes us think smoking would be nice... I know it isn't, but I keep having to remind myself.

I keep a copy of Allen Carr's ONLYWAY and just keep on reading it. Bends my mind back in the right direction. I may have to read it the rest of my life but it beats smoking.

Day three ain't nuffin!!!!! You'll sail it.;)

Catch you then


Well done Jules!!

I think my worst day was about day 4 or 5.

Day 9 now and I'm hardly thinking about it. Stick with it!!:)


Hi Pep's

Thanks for the posts. day 3 today! Bring it on!!!!

I'm ready for U, and what ever happens "NO SMOKES TODAY!!"


Yep, sounds like you've had a successful couple of days, Jules. Keep that attitude and determination and you'll breeze through day 3. :)

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