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No Smoking Day
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Day 8/9 and still going strong

I passed my first week on Monday morning, I gave up on Sunday night. I feel great, not wheesing on a night when I lie in bed. I have even been able to stand and talk to people whilst they are smoke and not feel like I want to rip it out of their fingers and take a drag. The smell, even though I am more aware of the smell of a cigarette on someone, it is not bothering me or making me want one either.

I am coughing up phlegm but hope that is normal to get the crap out of my system as it has been getting less with each day.

feeling super duper :D:D:D:D

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Sounds good Jenny, your body's repairing itself already, I found that the wheeze left quickly too.

Great positivity, keep at it and keep posting! :)


Hi Jenny,

Well done :D

there will be hard times ahead but if you're prepared for it you will get there:D


Keep at it! :)


Fantastic post Jenny, sounds like you are coping really well :) the phlegm clearing from your lungs although pretty gross is totally normal, people get it at different stages, I'm just starting to get it now, keep going you are doing fab :) xx


Well done keep going :D


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