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Day 13 - Going Strong

Well this is the second time I have tried to quit and I thought I would try a different approach than my first, especially due to the failure it resulted in.

My first time was in 2012 with nicorette chewing gum but I lasted about 5 days before I gave in., back when my wife smoked as well.

This time around I am quitting for better reasons and cold turkey.

I tried chewing the gum again on the first day, but for some reason, my mouth exploded into a series of painful mouth ulccers, so I have been cold turkey for 12 days.

I have had a few crossed words with my Wife but she gives as good as she gets so she brought me back down to earth in short order :p,

I am quitting now because I have a baby girl and I owe it to her to keep on this earth for as long as I can to support her and my wife, I think that information alone will get me through this completely.

Don't get me wrong, I still get cravings, but I just remind myself why I am doing it and the moment passes.

I also thought it would be good for me to get some support online, so I am very grateful that you are all here to help me through this tough time.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Tony,

Welcome aboard. Well done thus far and all the very best for the future quit - you can do it mate.

This place has helped me tremendously, there's some great characters :)


Welcome to the forum Tony and well done for getting to Day 13. This forum is great - everybody is so helpful & supportive. Sounds like your're doing well but post if you need any help and somebody will soon be along.


Thanks you all so much already.

Just a couple of quick ones, I seem to be biting my nails a lot and I assume that's because I'm not doing anything with my hands anymore. Any tips on how I can stop myself subconsciously doing this?

How do I add a forum signature, i.e. Quit date X, Y & Z.


Welcome to the forum from me too, Tony. I'll let one of the techos answer your queries concerning your signature, etc. Someone will be along in a little while I am sure. :D

I bet your wife is as proud as punch of you even if she did give you short shift, and as Tea says, how utterly marvellous it will be to share all those precious moments with your daughter knowing you are smoke-free.

Re biting your nails, the important thing is to keep your hands busy (oohh errr). My SIL took up embroidery when she quit but that probably isn't an option for you (;)). Mind you, my father grew up in a fishing community and many of the older men could knit so you could always try that I suppose. Personally, I found cooking was a life-saver but there are all sorts of alternative options. You'll soon come out of the other side of it anyway and at least your nails will grow back eventually :)

All the best to you Tony, and I shall look forward to hearing how your journey to freedom is progressing.


Hi Tony, well done on 12 days, it's much easier when partners have also quit. Good luck :)


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