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start wk 3 tomorrow

Hi All,

well week 3 starts tomorrow and I must admit that this Sunday was alot easier than the one before:) .That was soooooooooo hard thought the day would never end:eek:.Champix is a really good drug for helping to quit bar some of the side effects.Their site says I should be looking really good by now clear skin and eyes. Perhaps this would be true if I could only get a good nights sleep instead Ihave bags nearly down to my chin.:eek:and in the evening can hardly keep my eyes open.Hubby says have an early night but Im scared I will wake about 2am and be even worse.Anyone know if this goes away in time or only when the champix is stopped.God by week 12 Ill look like a 100yr old zombie lol.but then this might be true:eek: Good luck all will officially post in week 3 tomorrow till then bye. Chrissie

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