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It starts tomorrow

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I am 40 and have smoked between ten and twenty a day for 22 years! how did that happen.

Tonight is my last night as a smoker. At some point I have to stop "trying" to give up and just give up.

have been to the doctor and am on the tablets. They say wait untikl day 8 but I want to stop now.

I have decided that there is no fun, in cigarettes any more. I have smoked rollies, every brand, fat ones, thin ones, cigarellas etc etc. It has nothing new to offer me. So why bother. I know it will be a fight between me and myself but I want to prove to myself that I can win. For good. For my son who aged 5 has never seen me smoke but suffered the consequences of me "checking the rabbits" every hour. For my partner. But most of all for me.

I will need help and support along the way... i hope this forum will help.

It feels like I am in a relationship that was fun at first and then turned bad, that I have been trying to leave for years because it is (literally in this case) posionous. So I am leaving. Its over. Its not you its me.

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Good luck olivermic! This site is being very helpful to me.

Hiya! I am new too, i am on day 7 of champix!

Good luck tomorrow :)

Had my last cigarette. Took a photo! It's over. I am scared. Tomorrow it starts . One day at a time x

Wishing you all the very best with your quit Olivermic :)

Great way of thinking about giving up smoking.....'a relationship that's gone bad' Keep that in mind, and you'll do just fine! Good luck :D

Had my last cigarette. Took a photo! It's over. I am scared. Tomorrow it starts . One day at a time x

The best of luck! I start tomoro! Last day of this evil ball & chain round my neck!

How u feeling this morning?

Thank you

So far so good! Have kept myself very busy and am doing fine...

Thanks for the messages of support. It means a lot


The day has been fine... easy. Now though I am struggling - this is probably my favourite cigarette of the day. Kids tea done, cleared up and I get to go in garden for 5 minutes peace and a smoke. Am chewing gum furiously.... and now typing furiously... but i knew it would be like this. in some ways the day seemed too easy. paying for it now...

It will pass It will pass

Nice 1

Nice 1 Olie, im 40 and I smoked the same amount and I quit on new years eve so any adice just ask.

.stick at and you will win for sure, every second that passes is every second towards it becoming easier and easier and then before you know it your there.


Thanks Will...

Well done on giving up. Am finding using the sight a good way to spend the time I would otherwise be having a smoke! x

Well done! You have almost done the first 24 hours :) x

Done it! Am in bed. A smoke free day for me! Yippee thanks everyone for your support. Enjoy you last one tonight Sophie and the sense of freedom! Night

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