I made day 7!!

I am so amazed i got here! evening all!

:) Andy, Ruth, Anna, Charlene..

are you here too? i hope so, yesterday i managed a whole day on the shooting range surrounded by other guys smoking, without once getting the urge to light up :) i woke up this morning and was able to smell my girlfriends perfume and in exactly 3 hours from now i have done 7 days and im looking forward to being here and feeling even better about myself in another 7 days ;)

Goodnight for now and i hope to to be smoke free again tomorrow!

5 Replies

  • Well done Mate thats the first and worse week over and done. rock on for week 2 linda xxxxxxxx

  • The 7 day milestone ...

    Well done bud

  • well done - doesnt it feel good!!

  • well done

    well done jimi:D you will be your a non smoker now:D

  • hahahaa! no i dont think she will be :O

    but it is Old Spice...

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