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No Smoking Day
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OMG - Day 7 - I made it!!!

Hey All,

Well I dont know how I made it through today but by GOD I did!!! Exactly 1 week since my last smoke and I feel fantastic and so very proud of myself...

The mouth ulcers are on the mend, the sore throat is a thing of past and the craves seems to be getting easier to deal with... I say that now with confidence but this morning was a shocker for me...I was so close to asking hubby for a cig :( so instead i got the kids ready and we went to a nearby park to kick the ball then headed out for some lunch and by the time we got home I had forgotten about how badly i want to smoke...

so all's well that ends well!

Bring on week 2...

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Hi Ellenb,

You`re doing great stick with it!



That's spirit Ellen!!Well done . B4 ya know it it'll be a month never mind a week!:D


Wow Ellen!!! The way you managed your cravings is awesome, you did exactly the right thing and look where you are now, 1 week and a total star!! :eek: :) Stick with it girl you're doin great.


Thank you guys! you are all fantastic!!! I really dont know if I would have managed if I didnt have somewhere to come to talk about what was going on inside my mind...


Hi Ellen - Way To GO!!!!!! 7 days and going strong. You have conquered a hump on the quit scale because day 7 can be a challenge just like day 3! You have stayed smoke free for a whole WEEEEEEK!!! You can keep going now right on into week 2!

~ amazing ~


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