No Smoking Day
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I made it onto the day 4-7 board!

Day 4 and im really pleased with myself. To everyone still on days 1-3 keep going!

The patch still itches but its seriously helping me i think. Im taking it off at about 11pm each night.

Im getting used to being a non smoker now and the "ill just have a fag" thoughts are getting less often - alot quicker than i thought too!

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i also found it pretty easy to stop smoking.

full strength patches for 4 weeks

medium patches for 2 weeks then i went it alone.

for me the difference between the medium patch and not using anything was minor very slight.

a smoker of 25 a day for 20 years.

smoke free since 8 march.

I do like a drink on a Friday night but what i do say is if i was to smoke one it wont make me feel better just the opposite then i will crave for another even more.

good luck


plenty of exercise helps


Morning marc

Well done the first week is hard and your over most of it

you sound like your doing ok. Keep up the good work LInda xx


Well Done Marc! glad you managed to tolerate the itch :D

Doing well! and yeah quite fast too!!

Keep it up



Yep that 'ole patch really does help! it means I can still be entirely civil to everyone! Keep with it, it's really helped me - on day 32 already and still happy....maybe that's the cider!

Keep us posted

Loopy XX


Thanks everyone. My carbon monoxide levels are now that of a non smoker - which means my health is getting better! How cool is that?

The nrt is awesome, id never try cold turkey after this. To anyone thinking of quitting - go talk to you ceaseation clinic - they help alot!


Well Done MarcJacob x x x

Excellent advice too, those cessation guys are great! even if you choose cold turkey! any method (different strokes for different folks!) they are there for you x x


Hi Marcjacob

Just brilliant! Into your second week? (my maths is quite poor after 9pm - absolutely brilliant before but after 9.....) The smoking cessation lady at my clinic is an absolute angel - well worth the visit and as it's done on an open basis I've got to meet some new people too and swop stories - mutual support is so important.

Well done and keep us posted

Loopy XX


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