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Time to start planning a new quit...

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Hi All,

Well I have been a bit busy recently and have let my no smoking campaign suffer, but I now have another very good reason to quit.

As most of you know I have been expecting the arrival of my daughter and she has finally arrived. However she is currently in hospital being treated for "Group B Strep", but should be home tonight if she is given the all clear.

If not it looks like it might just be me and my son for Xmas as my wife and daughter may have to stay in for a further 14 days... :(

Anyhow for all those who are interested:

Weight: 8 lb 1 oz

DOB: 11th Dec 2007 @ 1:39am

Name: Emma


So I am thinking that I will have another go at quitting from when I get in my car to go and collect them from hospital to bring them home. Which could be today... :D

14 Replies
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She's beautiful Gav! Hope she gets the all clear. Now more than ever you need 2 pack it in. I shall be thinking about you at Midday 1200hrs zulu OK?!My daughter is called Emma too.

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Name: Emma

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Gav she is adorable! You must be soooo excited! You are one very lucky Daddy :D She is beautiful. I love her little outfit, what a precious little girl. Kiss her for me with your fresh clean non-smoking breath. What a sweet baby. Congratulations!!!

P.S. - Congratulate your wifey for me please and I wish your wife and your new baby girl Emma all of the health and luck in the world. I wish your family well Gav. Take care XxxxXxxxX

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Wow Gav, what a wonderful baby girl you have :eek::) She's just SO adorable, I wish you and your wife and sweet baby Emma all kinds of happiness.

Edited to add: aw please Gav quit smoking soon and for good! Wouldn't it be awesome to start the new year smoke-free :)

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Many congratulations Gav, you must be so happy.. happy enough to quit now?miconejo.net/img/forum/icon...

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! - Emma is beautiful, wishing you and yours lots of health and happiness.:):)

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Congratulations Gav to yourself and your wife a beautiful baby girl hope all is well.Good luck on your new quit im confident you can do it.

Merry smoke free xmas to you and your wife and son and daughter :)

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Congrats on the new addition to the family, and good luck for the quit!

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What A Beautiful Christmas Present!!!!! Congratulations To You Both.

What Better Reason Could There Be For Your Next Quit?

Good Luck ;)

A Happy Smoke Free Christmas To All Of Us :D


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Hi All,

Well I have been a bit busy recently ...

LOL ... a bit busy making babies :o

Why wait for your daughter to come home? Look at her photo again you know you want to so just do it QUIT

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OH what a beautiful baby Gav, your sooooo lucky. Hope she has a wonderful life, and her Daddys around for her for a long long time. now hes quit the demon nic. Good luck, we are here for you mate.

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congrats on your new baby!! what a lovely christmas present.

i am new to the forum and new to quitting- know how you feel about starting over...i had just done nearly 7 days and stupidly started again last night.

why oh why? what was i thinking?

reading the messages on this site has made me refocus and so

going to dust myself off and commit to quitting for good this time.

off to put remaining ciggs in the bin.

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That's great news Lola, congrats to you for finding the necessary determination again! You wouldn't even be reading the forum anymore if all you really wanted to do was smoke in peace and forget about it all ;) Also, in my opinion you just had a blip, not sure you should consider it day 1 again tomorrow - unless it makes you feel better, of course, like let's start it all over again with an even more positive attitude this time :) Be confident, we are always stronger than we think! I'm looking forward to seeing your update posts day by day :)

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Congratulations Gav on your beautiful baby girl, She looks soooo cute. Good Luck with your new quit whenever that may be. Im going for the 1st January now. Just make this next one your best. (For that georgous little girl).

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