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Time to quit for good

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I don't know how many times I've said that but here I am saying it again.

I am a serial quitter as some of you already know. Yes I can quit but I never seem to get past month 3 (if I actually manage to get there at all).

I've lost count of the number of quits I've thrown away but I still keep coming back for more and I know how desperate I am to quit for good.

I'm often to be found lurking in the background on here reading everyone else's posts so feel I know a lot of you quite well even though I don't post much myself. The reason for this I think is because I feel so inadequate where quitting is concerned. I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I started giving advice on something that for years I've been so hopeless at.

Tomorrow will be another Day 1 for me and it feels as if I've reached the Last Chance Saloon so this quit really has to be my last.

This time I'm going to stick to the forum like glue for as long as it takes. In my case this will probably be forever because I can't let this quit slip through the net.

Getting rid of everything to do with smoking at midnight.

Here we go again then.............

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Well done Linda!

When you get to 3 months this time, you'll have cracked this thing once and for all.

Rooting for you, fingers crossed :)


Thanks for the support Steve, and Karri I hope we can be true Quit Buddies and do this together, once and for all.

You're absolutely right Karri. The forum is the best place to come for support and its success rate speaks for itself.

I know now that I can't be trusted to do this on my own.

I know this sounds stupid but at this moment in time I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow.


...I know this sounds stupid but at this moment in time I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow...

Why should that sound stupid? After all, it's what you want, more than anything, surely? Never feel apprehensive about quitting. You know you've got to do it, but you must also want to do it - so, embrace it, never doubt yourself, never look back - make this the one that sticks;)

Hi Linda

Fantastic you are trying again.

First of all don't look at past failures as the basis for This Quit - i.e. you will not manage to get past the 3-month post. It is almost like the way one thinks if one is stuck in a non-smoking area ..... "I'll light up when I get out of here". So the mindset if conditioned that failure is inevitable. Take that deep breath, let it sink in that you are NOT going to smoke again because you DO NOT want to; there is no get-out clause that can be used in 3 months, because, this time, YOU WANT TO STOP SMOKING for good. If you come to this forum regularly, you have appreciated that it is hard for all of us, but the mindset, the will fell into place for those that persevered. No doubt we all have failed in the past, but as if by magic, there comes that one time that we fight the demons and prevail.

So change your goal, for starters, that is not failing 3 months down the line, but that you are going for gold, quitting forever.

Best of luck. Be strong :)

Hi Linda

Make this the quit that sticks :cool: Don't just stick to the forum but post away, it will work as a distraction and someone will always be on hand if you hit a sticky patch. Good Luck ;)

Morning Linda,

Hope your new (and final :)) Day One has started well. Keep posting & sharing your experiences as well as reading and please don't ever feel you have nothing to contribute. Collectively we can do this thing and this time, we'll get you through your 3 month barrier even if we have to drag you kicking & screaming. ;)

All the best from me and well done for giving it another bash.

What a brilliant decision Linda. You do have determination and perseverance because even though you say you're a 'serial quitter', you're back again making a healthy decision for yourself - you haven't given up on quitting!

We're here to see you through :) Very good luck :)

Good Luck Linda :)

Hello Linda, good luck with your new (and last) quit. Being a serial quitter means you really want to stop, which is a good thing :)

Thank you all so much for your welcome and support. I hope you won't mind if I don't mention you all by name but I really appreciate all your replies.

I'm now well and truly into this quit now, yes it's only day 1 but this will be the one that counts I hope.

The day has flown by without any problems but this might be because I haven't had much time to think about what I'm doing. My son's been overseas for the past 6 months and we were up with the larks to pick him up at the airport this morning. Needless to say since he's been home I've been too busy catching up with his news and of course his washing! I've also spent more time in the kitchen than usual but at least it's kept me occupied.

I will stick to the forum this time though to keep me on track, you never know when the going is going to get tough and I can't afford any more slip ups.

So far so good then and thank you all again for letting me share my quit journey with you.


Ditto from me :)

And may you have a good drying day in view of all the washing your son has produced :D

(bet it's lovely to have him home though!)

Morning Karri. I hope today will be a good one for you but I do know what you mean about feeling as if a woodpecker' attacking your head now and again. I can't fool myself into thinking doesn't affect me because I've just had a coffee and couldn't stop thinking about how nice a cigarette would be to go with it, story of my life! It's only day 2 for both of us so it's only to be expected I suppose but I know we can get through it this time so we'll have to try gritting out teeth and smiling til we're in charge. I hope you have a good day and that holiday you're planning is making me jealous.

Thanks Skiddaw. I have started on the piles of unwashed clothes that my son very kindly presented me with (he's only unpacked one case so far mind you). As for the drying, well it's been pouring with rain since last night so think the tumble drier's going to be busy today. I was hoping to try and save the money I used to spend on smoking and watch it mount up but I think the first 3 days worth will just be swallowed up by the extra electricity I'm going to be using.

Keeping busy is helping to take me mind off the fact that I'm on a mission to quit though so all is good.


How are you doing? All well? You know it isn't easy, but, hey you knew that and you also know you are made of sterner stuff, stuff to fight this, hour by hour, day by day.

Be strong, loads of luck

Thanks for asking Firefly. I'm trying to get my head round what this quit means because it's going to be a life changing thing for me and I don't want to fail this time.

The cravings have been manageable and only seem to crop up when I've got time on my hands so I'm trying to change my routine - for example getting straight up after a meal and doing the washing up. I'm missing that cigarette I used to have to after meals the most I think.

I'm not usually a sad or miserable person for some reason since I started this quit I'm feeling quite down. I think it's because I feel so stupid for being back to square one again after so many previous attempts. It's no use in wallowing in self pity I know.

I do find it hard talking about my weakness where quitting is concerned and I know my lack of success is down to me. I hope this post doesn't sound too self pitying. I'm determined to do my utmost this time to quit the dreaded weed and I'm glad I've made the first move, deja vu springs to mind though!

Thanks to anyone who's listening and sorry for yet another boring post. It's strange that whenever I post something like this I always regret it. After I've had a good moan and let off steam I usually find that things improve and I wish I hadn't said anything. It does prove to me that posting's theraputic though so it can't be that can't be bad.:o

Thanks for bearing with me..............


Can't even post properly now:

Mean't to say that it 'can't be that bad'.:o

Dear Linda, don't you ever feel guilty about posting. It has been said many a time that posting about our negative experiences are every bit as important as posting about the positives. You need never feel that you're moaning or that we're not interested, or concerned, truly you needn't. :)

There's nothing worse than being on an ego-skid. I went on a terrible one when I quit- it lasted a good few weeks- and I could quite happily (or unhappily in fact ;)) have crawled under a stone and not come out again. It passed, as do all the quitting symptoms and as will yours (and every quit is. of course, unique).

Stay with us Linda and know we are there for you and rooting for you. :)

It means so much Skiddaw just to have even one reply from someone who knows what I'm going through.

Nothing in my life has ever made me feel so inadequate or vulnerable as this mission of mine to simply stop smoking for good. When you think about it logically, especially to those who have had the sense never to smoke, it must seem pathetic.

I have tried and tried to no avail and that is why I simply have to prove to myself and my friends that I have got the courage of my convictions this time.

Just why I find it so hard is beyond me but I will do it.

Your encouraging reply really does mean a lot to me and I'm going to prove to myself and everyone else this time that I have got what it takes.



Please, please don't ever, ever feel guilty about posting! Almost each and every one of us have been on this emotional Rollercoaster with a million emotions we didn't know we had! My famous words said 'out loud' many many times, to name a few, I'll stop when I'm 30, then 40, then 50, Oh and I did, for all of five minutes, 5 hours, 5 months........etc

Then, one day, Sept 2012, different mindset, this Forum, and the rest is history.

Everyone loves a trier, and by that's what you are, you can and will so this my love. I PROMISE.

Fi x

I think my mindset is finally in the right place Nutmeg.

I never thought 30 years ago that I'd still be hooked to smoking and I've watched my friends and family quit successfully one by one over the years. I think they've all given up on me by now and will take some convincing if I actually do manage it this time.

I really want to get rid of this nasty habit that I'm so obviously addicted to and I can't wait to prove to myself and everyone else that I can do it.

I do feel I've let myself down but it's my own stupid fault and I know it.

I'm so envious of people like you who have had the strength to stick to your guns and I can't wait to be as far down the line as you. There's a long way to go but I hope I will get there one day, hopefully with my sanity in tact.:D

Thank you for you support and encouragement. xx


Rant as much as you want in your posts, it's a great way to let off steam...:D

The most important thing in the world to you right now is your quit - it has to be the most precious thing in your life. Treasure it like nothing else - no-one can steal it away from you, only you can throw it away.

Whatever life throws at you, remember your quit is yours alone, and regardless of what anyone else says or does, success is down to you.

'Not One Puff Ever' - it's as hard, and as easy, as that.

Thank you Egg and I am hanging on for dear life to this quit, it is so important to me and I've got a lot to prove. I'm finding that just being able to come on hear and talk about so helpful, almost like a type of therapy. xx

And Karri' I'm so proud of you too because I know how important your quit is to you. I'm taking on board the suggestion I saw on your thread from Three Times the Charm (sorry if I've got the name wrong). Thinking of quitting as a healing process instead of some sort of self denial or punishment seems to make perfect sense and I wish I'd thought of it in that way before. Keep up the good work Karri as you enjoy your lovely holiday. xx

Max, you're so right - I've got to make this work so it's now or never. 30 odd years of smoking must have taken its toll on my health, not to mention my bank balance. Just why I've been so spineless about getting to grips with the problem is beyond me because for years and years I've promised myself to quit for good - always ended slipping back into old ways though.

I've run out of excuses for my need to smoke - there are none!

Just why I'm so addicted to the filthy habit I don't know - is it a mental thing or is it just the physical actions of smoking that keeps me hooked.

Like I said before I'm trying hard to think of this quit as a liberating process this time.

I am a terrible serial quitter who wants to quit for good and I know it's possible because so many people on here have been exactly the same and now they're in a good place and no longer smoking. It's all down to common sense and commitment, something I've obviously been lacking where smoking is concerned.:confused:

I'm not saying I'm going to sail through my quit like you Max but I wish I knew your secret. You made it sound so easy (I know it probably wasn't) and you kept positive all the way through - maybe that's it.

Well I'm 3 days in (again) and determined to go all the way this time.

This forum will be my therapy and I'm so grateful to everyone for not giving up on me and for giving me another chance.:o

I shall be thinking of you both today :)

I liked BP's comment too. It fits into my fell-walking analogy about quitting (which works for me because its what I love doing). The first part of the ascent is more often than not awful as it is nearly always steep- usually the climb out of the valley onto the ridgeline- and it takes a while before you get your second wind. The only way of tackling it is to keep your head down and plod. You don't look up to see how far you have to go and you don't look back either, you just keep going. Once you get past the steep bit and things start to level out, you stop to catch your breath and look behind you and that's when you realise how far you have already come. I described the analogy in more detail on my 6 month thread.

Tracey also sumarised it nicely a while back when she said that the secret is to just put one foot in front of the other.

Anyway girls, you're both doing really, really well and I'm rooting for you.

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