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Planning to quit

Hi all.

Just popped on to say I'm planning to hit smoking on the head. I started at 15 I'm now 47 and I'm determined to stop. My date for stopping is next Sunday 24/01/16. Im going to do it cold turkey and plan to eat loads of fresh fruit to replace the fags. I hate being a smoker although my brain loves it. It is going to be emotional lol. I will check in on Saturday night as I'm also giving up the beer for as long as it takes to get the craving out. I'm 100% going to do this but may need a lot of support. Thanks and catch you all on Saturday

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Hello Tambo, sounds like you have thought about this and have a good plan. Giving up the booze is a good idea (in my opinion) as the two go hand in hand. Setting a firm date and telling everybody about it is also good quitting practise.

Go for it!

Looking forward to hearing from you once you start.


Welcome Tambo, congratulations and well done on making the best plan of your life to quit. I look forward to seeing you in Day 1 room next Saturday, wishing you every success!


Welcome Tambo....You prepared and planned well and will lead to certain Victory...We will eagerly follow your journey...!!


HI Tambo, don't look at it as a challenge. Looks like you have a good plan ready. I also used vegetables and fruits...i ate carrot instead of smoking to replace smoking brakes at work :)

Don't set yourself up that it's something you need to "face" and that it will be emotional.

Really look forward to it and remember to take notice of how you feel. It's going to be great. You will be able to actually feel your lungs clearing, your mind shifting to higher gear and the whole body get that limitless energy.

It's like being reborn :)



Hi Tambo,

You sound very determined and having a plan in place is half the battle, wishing you all the best for the 24th


News Donna?! R u back?! I'm so happy :)


Hi Hun, yes just popped in, I have been on another site but to be honest, no matter how quiet this place is, it still feels like home xx


I saw ur signature change, well done girl! I'm happy to have you around :) I'm still here, I'm gone past the 4 months!... I can't even believe it myself.

Abt the other website, yeah...I know, I just couldn't be bothered, I do miss captain, if he is around, tell him I said hello :)


I didn't go on the site that was created by old members, it was a different one, he told spoken to Capitan in months, I do so hope he's alright I've tried to contact him through here but no go


Ps so sorry Tambo, we should continue our chat somewhere else not on ur thread lol xxxxx


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