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Quit..for the final time

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Hello everyone

I'm new to this forum but not to trying to stop smoking...this time though I'm not 'trying' to and I'm just doing it.

I have quit several times before, using patches and the nicorette nasal spray I ended up just using the spray even more than the safe recommended levels were for it so I thought well what's the point and went back to smoking. This time I'm not using any medication or nrt's. I do have the Allen Carr book knocking around somewhere that I read half heartedly before and then put it away :(

I'm now back on day 1, I relapsed or slipped whichever way I want to describe it lol but that was about 5 months ago that I had 'just one' and I've been back to full blown smoking since then.

I have literally only quit a matter of hours ago (1.5 to be exact lol), but this time I'm determined to do it right..google searching brought me here :)

Nice to meet you all and to anyone else on Day 1 hope your day goes well!

10 Replies
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Good on you CT is the way I have done it so I know its not easy but you see it is so rewarding and you will feel so proud and boastfull LOL (I admit it I was) Just make sure you come on here and read all the threads and posts and you want have time to smoke LOL good luck and if you want to chat give me a shout xx

ps Sip Ice cold drinks and eat loads of choccy hee hee and you will put weight on like me Sorry nasty me LOL

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Thanks for the reply, the choccy I need to avoid as much as possible...I doubled up on my intake, or maybe tripled even lol during the time that I quit using patches...still carrying the weight from then so seriously can't afford to gain anymore.

If I could just work out a way to eat quality street all day long without gaining a pound I don't think I'd miss smoking at all lol


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Yes i know what you mean Quality street was my undoing but the weight does go off eventually or some of it lol

Worry about the weight later better to be a fat non smoker than a thin smoker LOL

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Good luck and wlecome. You will get plenty of support here.

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Well done on deciding to quit...

I am on day 12 at the mo, and have been using the lozengers...which have helped me...I am not brave enough to go cold turkey...lol....

You will find a lot of support on here...


49yrs of age

smoked 25 to 30 a day for 36 yrs

quit date, 16th feb, 2010

lozengers, will power, and this formum

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thanks everyone for the words of support :) means a lot x

Dusted the Allen Carr off and reading it at the mo so helping a bit

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Hi and welcome to the madhouse, well sometimes you may think it is. On the serious side we are all here to help and remember we have all gone through what you're going through now. If we did not think it was worth it, we'd be telling you to go smoke.

There is lots of threads, posts and links on here that will help you if you take the time to read them.

Think you are getting rid of something you don't want, not giving something up. You will try to find a reason to smoke it's not a reason it's just an excuse to justify to yourself and others around you for smoking again.

Athough you have just started your quit you have gone a long way aready just to make that decision.

Well done,


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Good on ya, good luck and all the best with your quit.

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Welcome imaquitter and good luck on your quit:D If you have a look at peoples signatures you will see links there that are well worth reading to reinforce the reasons you are doing this.....post on here often...there will always be someone to answer you....Take care...Ellie.

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Me too

Hi I'maquitter.

I've been lurking here for ages. Did 3 months quit with Champix and swore that was it as the side effects were so awful. Had "just one" at Christmas and gradually back to smoking til today. No more for me, and this time it's just CT and hopefully, this forum!

Like you, I could do without weight gain. Goodluck to both of us..!

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