No Smoking Day
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Well, that's Day 2 nearly done

I smoked my last cigarette at 3pm on Saturday 24th, and thanks to Champix, I'm on day 2 and I've been okay so far.

My last cig made me feel really sick. And the day after, I was walking down the street behind someone who was smoking and realised that I thought it smelt really manky. That surprised me somewhat. I've had no cravings as such - a passing "Ooh, I could just go a ciggy right now" thought, but that's all it was and it went as quickly as it came. No discomfort, no strong urge, nothing.

My big anxiety was coping with driving into work (I started a new temping job - my first 'paid' job in 12 years :eek:), as I always smoked a lot in the car when driving. It's a 30+ mile trip, so I was more than a little nervous. But, I only consciously thought of smoking once, and only then because there was an empty cig packet in the side pocket of the door :rolleyes: Drive home was the same - and I even stopped at the supermarket and wasn't remotely tempted to buy cigs, even though I've got the house to myself tonight and no one would have been any of the wiser!

I'm really starting to believe I'm actually going to do it for good this time. The time was right for me and I think that's the most important thing of all.

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Amazing job! You are doing great. Keep that wonderful attitude and you will be just fine in the days to come. Keep busy and you will find you CAN do it! :D


Good luck Inderellie i never thought i could do it but so far so good ;)


Welcome to the asylum Inderellie! Congrats on your decision to quit. NS4M is right, with an attitude like that you will succeed!!!

Keep us posted


welcome inderellie!

YOU SOUND REALLY DETERMINED AND POSITIVE!!:) i'm pretty sure you'll be fine.

the thing is with the champix,,, i found was i didn't get cravings either, and it was pretty easy!! sound's to me that you'll be the same. it makes you feel really good when you walk into a shop and the cig counter's there, AND YOU DON'T WANT TO BUY ANY!!:cool: REALLY PROUD FEELING WHEN YOU WALKOUT and you've not wasted your money,or some more of your life on those horrible stinky fags!!:)

stay strong and stick with it!! i know you'll get there!!

bye for now....poskit.x


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