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Nearing the end of day 2

I have just joined this forum so I will give a bit of a recap of day 1

Day 1 : I got up on friday and put my nicotine patch on and apart from feeling a bit rough it was ok.

Day 2 : This is when things got tricky! I woke up feeling good so decided not to put the patch on, this might have been a mistake as at 9pm I have had terrible diarrhea about once every 20-30mins for the past few hours. My stomach is sore and I feel like crap. I put a patch on around 9pm but this hasnt really helped the diarrhea.

I am certain that I will not smoke again so hopefully I will feel a bit better in the morning.

I am using the nicorette 25mg invisi patch and used to smoke upto 20 Regal KS a day over the past 10 years.

I am a tad worried about the excessive diarrhea though!

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Well done

I'm just going in day 3. cold turkey. I read on the net, that nicotine withdraw can make you have upset stomach. so maybe thats whats going on?? either way I hope it feels better for you.

I just got lucky so far so good. Other than emptying the fridge. haha


Day 2 over! :) cool!

cant help on the upset tummy part! dunno in that one!


Thanks for the replies, hopefully I am a bit better tomorrow, and good luck to all the fellow quitters!


Well done on getting through Day 2 Chris :)

I'm with the others, I haven't heard of nicotine patches causing diarrhoea (although there's always a first time!). Quitting can upset your tummy for a while, but that's usually just a bit of wind! :o

Maybe it is just coincidence and you've picked up a tummy bug or something?

Anyway, hope you're feeling better, and stick with it!


Was up a couple of times during the night but I am a lot better now, it maybe was just a 24 hour bug or something


Hello All

I quit at 11.30 am yesterday (Sunday), so once I get through today it'll be 48 hours. I was (still am) on Champix. It didn't really make me want to stop smoking but I couldn't face the nurse at the Doctor's again, having not yet given up as I've been on the tablets for three weeks now. But it's day 2 and I'm ok, not great but ok. I do worry about falling on day 3 or 6 or 8. Then I'll be back where I started. Any thoughts?

Im nearing the end of day 4, it is not easy but just take it a day at a time.


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