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day 2 nearly over thank god

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well this time is its been two days of total hell this time dunno why im not going through this again for any thing defo not starting again been worst two days ever cravings like i have never had before:(

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Well done,stick with it,when we start again we forget what we went through,like the dentist.

lol well im nearly at the end of day 3 bought mi self more of the xxx mints seem to be working but still a flipping nightmare 1st or second time i tried to stop were nothing like this or i would defo remember must be losing weight im sweating like a stuffed pig :(

Hey Steve,

Sorry to hear that you are having such a terrible time with this quit. I was sweating like a pig near the beginning as well. I still sweat more than i did when I was a smoker, but not soooo terrible that it's embarrassing anymore :cool:

You are doing great and after the 3rd day your body is nicotine free. Keep it up you are going strong. Day 3 can be a painful day, but keep your head up and tomorrow will be better! :D One day at a time my friend...or one hour, or one minute at a can do it!

well day 4 nearly done defo hard part tonight im off out with the lads got mi mints and chewing gum ready for the on siege of smokers out side the pub lol

Have a great night Steve and hold your nose as you go in or out HEHEHE.

Dont forget not one puff or the last 4 days was for nothing. Let us know how it gose if the hangover is not to bad Love Linda xxxxxx

thanx alot linda will do hun wont be having one puff thats for shure these last fews days have been hell not going through that again

Aw hang in there steve and just think the hangover will be far more tolerable now your not smoking again ;)

Have a great night and have a pint for me

~Buffy x x

well went out m8,s where smoking but the smell of them when they came back in to the pubs was well enough to put me off so managed all night had no cigs even went to clubs smoke free woo hooo cravings are getting better too ;)

Hi steve,

Well done mate, that is a really big hurdle to cross and now it over and done with, next time you won't have to worry about going out and drinking.

Keep up the good work,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Go the Steve x x

Well Dome mate x x

I hate the smell now and random people I can smell it!! :eek:

No fear for you anymore x x

~Buffy x x

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