Omg i made it!!!!!

WAHOOOOOOO!!! a whole year since my last death stick! to be honest im so used to just not smoking that im 5 days late posting lol!

It was a very trying first few months but after 6 months there really is a shift in your thinking when you realise....that really was not so bad after all. I admit there has been struggles where ive used the ecig so im not going to say im perfect BUT atleast smoking was never an option and never will be again. I hated that it had so much over me and i struggled for 2 years to quit for good, I even cried at times wondering if I had the strength to ever give up for good. But I did, and I know if I can do it that everyone can with the right mind set.

My health, my wealth and my mind have all loved the results of not smoking for a year. SO heres to a long, happy and healthy life for all of us xxxx

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  • Fantastic Nicky :-)

  • Well done that woman. I'm really going to enjoy the next couple of months on here. Watching people I feel i know going through the doors of the penthouse. So pleased for you:D

  • Oh, Nikki, that's just wonderful! If ever there was someone who deserves to take their place in the Penthouse Suite it's you. I know it wasn't always an easy ride and all the more power to you for holding on through thick and thin. You really inspired me in my early days and I'm as chuffed as a chuffed thing to be able to cheer you home.


    Now, ice bucket & bottle are at hand as is a large laurel wreath and a big, shiny medal. :)

  • Welcome to the Penthouse, Nikki! I well remember all of those struggles that you had....the false starts and the despairing moments, but you stuck with it and you here's a huge WELL DONE to you, from me. :D


  • Well done to you Nikki :) Just shows whats possible when you keep going at something even when at first you don't succeed.

  • Great news Nikki!

    Not an easy journey but here you are all the same.

  • Nikki, all quits are remarkable but yours really is a special one because you struggled so much in the early days and had a few "starts" as I remember, but you fought so hard for it, you really wanted it.

    Very well done, I'm so pleased for you, long may it continue.

    As inspirational as any quit I've seen :D

  • I am absolutely delighted to welcome you into the penthouse Nikki.

    Wow I remember your struggles. I KNEW you'd do it. . . and you bloomin well did :)

  • Nikki this post pleases me soooo much! I too remember all the struggles you had to get going and the anxiety issues that I completely relate to, but you have done it!!!! Wooooo hoooooo you GO girl, what you gonna do to celebrate? Xxx

  • It's just such a wonderful thing, when people post the year mark, it gives me and others I,m sure inspiration :)

    THANKYOU for sharing, a massive co gratulations from me:)

  • Brilliant Nikki. I know how hard you worked for this! You should be very proud.

  • Well done Nikki, lovely post. I wouldn't worry about the occasional e cig though as way better than smoking. :):)

  • Wow thank you so much everyone means alot! Smoking is a thing of the past and being a non smoker is the best gift i gave myself. Come on to all those nearing the penthouse i know you all can do it too xxx

  • Hello Ncky, only really just seen this.

    Fantastic, brilliant, well done, am hopefully following in your foot steps.


  • Well done Nikki. You must, and quite rightly, be incredibly proud of yourself. I can remember way back you thinking you would never do it, repeatedly starting and stopping quits. What a difference a year and a bit of determination makes. You are a shining example to everyone out there and I for one hope to emulate your success. Such an achievement and so well deserved. Congratulations!!!!!

  • Fantastic achievement, well done Nikki:)

  • Well done Nikki - you were my inspiration in my early days - so pleased for you!

  • I don't come here too often these days so sorry I missed your ONE YEAR Nikki. Well done battled so hard for this. Congrats and welcome to the penthouse :D:D:D

  • I don't come here too often these days so sorry I missed your ONE YEAR Nikki. Well done battled so hard for this. Congrats and welcome to the penthouse :D:D:D

    ^^^ What she said.

    I know it was a hard road for you but now you're reaping the benefits and all that effort you put in will repay you many times over.

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