No Smoking Day
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For Gav


I have just been reading posts and see you have given up again. WELL DONE.

I have been on and off since 10th oct.

I am still using patches but having the odd puff with them.:o

Some days i dont wear a patch and smoke.

I have woken with a sore throat this morning so i have decided to try really hard and quit at 12 00 tonight. I hope i can report in day 1 2morrow.

I like smoking so its going to be hard.

Hopefully talk to you 2morrow.

Barb x

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Come on Barb! You can do this!:)

You've done it before and you'll do it again!:D

It's like learning to ride a bike but you've got us lot behind you to make sure you don't wobble.:D


Hi Barb,

Good to hear from you, I got to week two but today has not been good... Check out my post in Day 1...:(


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