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Making it Day 1 tomorrow


Some of you have met me already, I posted a thread last month and have been with little or no internet access so I haven't kept you updated :( Failed on day 4 and now aiming to quit again tomorrow. The big non-smoking day! :) I really don't know how I'm going to do it, I've got patches which are quite frankly s**t for me and cold turkey is the easiest option. I just worry how am I going to do it. It's really going to be hard I'm never going to forget about smoking, how long until it will get better, I'll put my guard up as high as I can tomorrow and report to you! For now, bye :)

Danny :)

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Thank you :) I notice you're quitting tomorrow too, I wish you the very best of luck, I'll be in exactly the same shoes as you tomorrow :mad: also, agreed, I've read some really inspirational posts on these forums and will continue to read. Thank you again :)

Hi Danny, just to wish you all the best tomorrow with your quit.

Joan xx

Hello Danny :) i gave up on no smoking day too. A year later i am pleased to ay i'm still quit, not one puff not ever lol. I couldd give youy so many tips but bottom line is........ if you want it badly enough you will go to any lengths, obviously it does mean some degree of suffering but it's worth it!! I can't remember which day was the worst for me in the early stages but the boyfriend i took it out on has long gone now anyway haaaa! :D but the main thing is that you stay strong and work hard on your will power!!!

Thanks all, and funny story there haha! Just going to be sheer determination getting me through it now, I'm sick of thinking every day " I really need to quit, but I'm trapped " Just have to wait it out now!

Well done Marianne,good on you in deciding to quit tomorrow, you will get lots of support on here, and as you said we are all in this together.

So take a deep breath and go for it, you can do it.

Joan xxx

Danny welcome back, Marianne welcome.

It's going to be a big posting day on here tomorrow, I can tell :D

I could offer you all sorts of advice but I'll save it, most of it has been said. But if you can stand it, I just have to say

1) Take it one day at a time (one hour, one crave at a time to start with). And each day tell yourself 'I won't smoke, just for today'. If you can keep doing it, just saying no to one cigarette at a time you will find that...

2)Really, hand on heart, truly, I swear to you, IT DOES GET BETTER

I speak as one who really thought I would be one of those people who would always miss smoking, and want to smoke. And while I still have off days and moments here and there, I can promise you that I FEEL FINE and I would rather slice my toes off with a rusty razor than go back to that nasty, cancerous, stinking, evil prison.

Hang in there, you'll feel that way too!

Good luck with your quits. We'll be here to support you.

Helen x

Thank you! The support on this forum is amazing! I love it already and I basically just came! Feeling so positive now!! :D

Danny - it is very cool that even though you are worried about it being tough you are still ready to GO FOR IT.

They do all say that it does get better, so a combination of "one crave at a time" and "i wont always feel like this" mantras and you'll be fine!:)

Thanks all, and funny story there haha! Just going to be sheer determination getting me through it now, I'm sick of thinking every day " I really need to quit, but I'm trapped " Just have to wait it out now!

Hi Danny and the others who are quitting tomorrow. I have not posted on here for a long time this was not because I did not want to post but when I tried to login it would not accept my password. Thanks to moderator 2 this has now been resolved.

I smoked for 52 years and have now been smoke free for 15 months. We all brain wash ourselves by saying similar to "I really need to quit, but I'm trapped" or "I really need to quit, but I can't" "I could never quit but I wish I could"

If you really put your mind to it you will stop smoking and like me 15 months on you will be so proud of yourself. It has to be 1 day at a time, then 1 week, which will lead into 1 month.

This may be an insentive, since I stopped I have not smoked 9,218 cigs, saved £2,913.14 and added 1 month 1 day to my life.

Take a look at some of my old posts and it may help give you guys the will to succeed. See how I stopped


1 Day!!!!!

Hi Guys..:):)

I am also with you tomorrow,I have tried a few times to give up smoking but it was not very successful.tomorrow being the No Smoking Day I will give another go!!!!!

Good thoughts for all of us..WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER!!!.:D




I will also be trying tomorrow,I wish you all the best..:):) I really hope we ll do it this time!!!


All the best guys. You will all quit and be successful if you really want it.

Read loads and stay occupied, this site is a treasure - follow the links on peoples signatures for some good reading material.

Choose life :)

smoked my final rolly at 11pm tonight. Got a roller coaster of a few weeks ahead of me, i'm gonna take it! good luck to everyone quitting tomorrow :)

Go Danny! Go Danny!

Best of luck sunshine, with your attitude you should beat it!

Rodrigo: All luck to you too. Exciting day tomorrow.

POst and let us know how you both get on!

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