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No Smoking Day
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day 9 ... yay ... non stop food ... boo!

Hi all

Quick progress report ... I have made it to day 9 WOW :cool:

The cravings aren't as frequent ... I actually think I'm getting there, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day!

2 things that i'm struggling with I CAN'T STOP EATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I have a constant tobacco taste/feeling in my throat ... has anyone else experienced this? It's like I have one of those NRT tabs, you know those things you put under your tongue ... yuck :eek:

Good luck to all of you ... stay strong :) x

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Hi Shelly. Isn't the non-stop eating the worst?! At least all this new-found energy will make it easier to work off the extra pounds...

And I know exactly what you mean about the nasty taste. Feels like you've been smoking heavily for the past week instead of being free....I've got a really nasty throat too :/

Still, better out than in, ho ho ho. You're doing great!


Thanks sugar ... I'll be happy when this taste has gone ... you're so right I do feel like I've smoked 30 a day for the passed week ... or eaten an ashtray :(

Good luck to you ... here's to being smoke free ... yay :)


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