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Hi - I'm on day three and doing ok. So far have relied on talking talking talking, willpower and nictotine gum.

Anyway, I'm having my worst time yet of it right now and have decided to get down to the doctors in the morning.

Has anyone any suggestions as to the best things to ask for? What is this champix for example? I know absolutely nothing so any advice welcomed!

The only thing I want to avoid is the inhalator as I really want to break the habit of inhaling as that is what i'm missing most right now.

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  • Day3 is well renowned for being the hardest x x x x

    When you speak to your doc tomorrow, tell them you are finding it hard.

    You have done so well to get here x x x x

    Take it hour by hour and don't worry about what to do, wait to speak to doc ;)

    It may well be they can get a cessation nurse to help.

    Keep posting x x x x

    Let us know what the doc says tomorrow x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • I am using the patches and have found they have really helped me. I havent had one on today and am still feeling good.

    Going to see the Dr or nurse every week also helps especially if you have to blow into their machine to show if you have been smokig or not.:o

    You are doing really well though.

  • Flippy - now you are at 20 days how are you feeling about it? Do you still feel like you are missing out on something?

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