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I quit New Year and have used this site as support ever since. Reading other people posts has been so helpful I didn't think I would need to write one of my own............I'm not coping at all well, I thought I was but I just really want to have a fag just to end all this tension! I walk, I read, I drink gallons of water. I argue with the cravings in my head and I have put my husband through hell! I was speaking with a 79 year old friend of mine(smoker) and she just said Oh have a fag one won't hurt! Of course I know it will and I really don't want to. I have been smoking since I was 9, 35 years.... on average between 10 -20 a day. I gave up once before for two years, God only knows why I started again, anyway I don't remember it being as hard as this. Can somebody please remind me why I'm doing this and how long before I stop wanting to punch my husband square on the nose! :confused:

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Hi Caz

Welcome and I will give it a go!

1st the good will probably never stop wanting to punch your hubby on the nose!!

Some people find it harder than otherrs when it comes to the cravings..I know I have had it pretty bad, but it does get easier.

If I could be so bold as to recommend that you read, read, read - you will find that it takes your mind off the cravings. You have taken the difficult step now - deciding to quit - from here on it gets better and better. :D

Thank you

I think that's the first time I've laughed in over a week!

Aw Caz, I feel for you. Sometimes you think of fags so constantly you think it's never going to get any better. But you're rid of the nicotene now if you gave up NY - it's the mental battle you have to fight. And you can do it, if you keep your focus. Like the others have said on other posts - read, read, read. It helps. Keep a list of why you're doing this and refer to it constantly. Post on here when you're feeling bad, it makes a huge difference to know you're not alone.

I'm a little bit ahead of you on the road and I stilll have moments where I'm going off my head, but I promise it does get easier.

Thirty five years of slavery to a crappy drug isn't going to be easy to break free from, but it CAN BE DONE.

Take care, be strong x

Thank you, I know your right. Do you know, I hate them so much for having such a hold over me I think thats the only reason I've managed to steer clear this long! I spent the first few days reading every little fact and gorey detail about the little blighters and then I found myself trying to read stuff about smoking being ok...there wasn't much I should add!

I will just keep telling myself I will have one tomorrow cos tomorrow never comes.

As I'm writing this my git of a husband is rolling a flaming fag behind me!!!!:mad:

I recommend you read 'tales from the quit' - great little blog articles about the various stages of a quit, very inspiring.

As I'm writing this my git of a husband is rolling a flaming fag behind me!!!!:mad:

Quick, divorce him for adultery the perv :eek: :D

Caz, Caz Oh my dear. The only good thing is that it prompted you to post and being actively invoved may be more helpful than lurking and reading. I feel like I have friends here and they do make me laugh and that is so important. It may seem unlikely now but this will get easier and you will feel proud, that you resisted.

Hi there,

well congrats to making it this far!!

I think you are doing this to be just like me ;)

You will be able to BREATHE

You won't SMELL ugly

You will smile all of a sudden for nothing, just for yourself, knowing you did another thing without a fag!

Take it one minute at a time, cravings really do pass I swear!

I still have cravings but I try to see them separate from myself, its the OTHER self, not_me.... ;) That way I can manage to stay away and stick to quit.

CamperPete - that made me howl with laughter!

CamperPete - that made me howl with laughter!

Tis the wine that makes me say these things....... m'lord ;)

Thank you all so much....

I have since calmed down and took so many deep breaths I got faint!

I've had a good laugh and a good look at the state I got's madness :o

But thank you all for dragging me through the cravings, excuse the pun!

I'm going to eat a few more satsumas and read til my eyes bleed!

Tomorrow will be better.......:cool: it's all good :eek:

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