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No Smoking Day
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Help!!!!!

I think im turning into Maddy lol

I had an awful nights sleep and I think I drempt about ciggies the few hours that I did get.

Now I can't get the nasty things out of my head

WHY WHY WHY does this horrible addiction do this to you. To make matter worse I feel that no one understands apart from you guys on here.

My b/f keeps telling me that it'll be fine. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT.

Can I have a group hug pls :mad: :( :(


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I haven't had a nasty night's sleep, just a very short one. I woke up a good coupel of hours earlier than expected, really needing a fag. I'd forgotten that early-morning crave feeling. :(

I can understand that you don't want your BF telling you that you'll be fine, but that's a lot better than the alternative, isn't it? Waking up every morning with a mouth and head like an ashtray, unable to excape the stench, coughing and wheezing, desperately grabbing for the first cancer-stick of the day?



I smoked my last cigarette 2 Weeks and 20 hours ago. I have saved £120.16 by not smoking 519 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 19 hours and 15 minutes of my life.


Pam babes

Nice big hug from me. i too have had some days like this hopefully it will pass over really soon. smileys.smileycentral.com/c...

Hi Sue

Dont very much like the answers your friend give you HEHE Everyone is diffrent some say they feel great at 6 months and never look back really hope thats me. how are you doing in your quit. Linda xxxx



Can I have a group hug pls :mad: :( :(


As requested:


Keep going Pam!

It will get better



Whey cword, now thats what I call a group hug lol.

Thanks all, i will keep going don't worry



hi pam.

i know its not easy. we are still at the early part still?... but does get better.

i know because the first time i gave up was for 18 years. and in all them

years did not think of smoking. was like i never been a smoker... was only

after i lest my wife did i start again, i could have kick my bloodly self. still do?

so pam. your not alone in this. we are with you all the way to the end....

keep going please because you are really helping me alot. :) You All Are :)

very best of luck, see you here later non smoker:D

Alan :D


I think im turning into Maddy lol

I had an awful nights sleep and I think I drempt about ciggies the few hours that I did get.

Now I can't get the nasty things out of my head

There are 2 different issues here which are touched on in KB's post too.

From my own experiences (quit for 2 years previously) you think about cigarettes quite a bit of the time. When they've been such a large part of your life they're not easy to ignore. I'm 5 months into my current quit and i still wake up and think, "fag time" quickly followed by, "oh, i don't smoke" Some triggers, like getting in the car, i seem to have got over but i still get that restless feeling when the adverts come on the TV. My "completing a task" fag always sparks a memory too.

The important thing is that all these triggers become instantly squashed by the "aaaah but i don't smoke" reflex and i'm sure over many years they'll reduce even further, hopefully to nothing.

The second issue of "could you still smoke one" is the biggy. If the answer is yes, all your triggers may not be squashed as the "aaaah but i don't smoke" reflex is missing and then you've got problems. Once you're nicotine free a smoke won't do anything for you. There are plenty on here who have tripped and succumbed only to find it didn't do anything for them and didn't cure / help the issue that they thought it would.

This is a mental thing. All we need is the right reason and we can all quit instantly. It's finding the right reason that seems to be the hardest thing.

If you're struggling with your quit more research might help.

Knowledge is ammunition so learn yourself free. :)


Hi Pam - big hug from me too:) When I was on my hols it was noticed on the first day that I had not lit up a cig. When asked had I given up I was so proud to say yes. I was also asked if I was finding it easy - to that I had to reply no:( coz it wasn't and still isn't. Sometimes I wish someone would offer me a cig so I can say no I don't smoke, but on the other hand that might be a temptation I can't resist so I don't look for it now. I did try and get one off my o/h when on hols and bless him he said no way, you have not had one for however many weeks it was at the time you don't need one now. That was the first time he has shown his support and I am grateful to him for that.

Keep quitting Pam and stick your tongue out to old nic.


Interesting to hear how much you're thinking about cigarettes today, everyday has seemed easier and easier but today for some reason the dreaded nasty nic is on my mind too.

I just think we've all come this far and it would be a real shame to have a blip.

I'm sure tomorrow will be better, i'm just thinking about the money i've not spent so far, nearly £65 in just over 2 weeks !! :D

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 12 hours, 19 minutes and 24 seconds (15 days). I have saved £63.98 by not smoking 465 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 14 hours and 45 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 12/03/2008 00:00


I'm off out tonight with a friend who loves a fag and a glass of wine. This will be my biggest test to date as she likes to sit outside even in freezing weather and light up!

Quite depressing reading some of the later posts as they seem to have people caving in and going back to Day 1. I am not going to be one of those!

I too will think of the money - nearly £75 saved!


Dont fall - I know I did, but just been out for lunch today with the girlies and didn't break even though every one of them are smokers and sat outside in freezing cold.

Sing a song and see how bad that mate smells when she smokes.

Im routing for ya...so go have a good night and keep positive :D


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