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Day 5, Amazing


Well I'm really pleased with myself for getting to day 5 and not one single puff :D.

Had a really bad day yesterday tho with loads of stress at work, too many deadlines and not enough hours in the day ... what a headache :( ... then when I went out at lunchtime it was as if my nose had been switched back on cos all I could smell was cigarette smoke absolutely everywhere, felt like I'd smoked x3 cigs just walking around with all the smokers I'd had to pass, never realised how smokey it was outside before :rolleyes:. Then took my friend home who smokes ... but I managed to resist snatching it out of her hand, lol, then to top the day off I got a really bad case of nausea after taking my champix at teatime, was laid on the sofa for an hour before I could move :(.

But today is going better and I'm a lot more positive. Just got another little hurdle to get through after work cos my partner not home tonight and getting home after work is one of my really weak times, sigh...

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great job! keep going!

:D You already tackled a plume of smoke outside, and a car ride! It is amazing how horrible it smells!:eek: My kids used to tell me I reeked all the time and I didn't believe I smelled that strong.:confused: Keep it up!

I am on my 16th day of not smoking!:D

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Aw Caz, I feel ya, I used to light up a cigarette first thing back from work, almost still with my coat on - and I thought nothing compared to that moment! Gah how pathetic was I :eek:

But you did great yesterday! Fighting through a very hard day at work without giving in - now that's fantastic, one of the very hard things to manage to do without slipping, you should feel extremely proud of yourself. You're already stronger than you know ;)

Hi caz

Never mind when I got home from work I use to light up as soon as I walked out of the building! How sad is that!!! I used to constantly check the clock for when it would be time to lock up and woe betide anyone that was still looking for a read! (I'm a libraruian you see so I work till late one night a week until7 pm (1 -7)is a hellof a long time to go without a cig . It isn't now though. If you get fed up cos your partner is away just come on here caz and post something - even if its sod all to do with smokng - we don't mind. Anyway hats off to you for staying strong.!

Thanks everyone for the support, I really needed that, seemed to have been feeling worse this last couple of days than at the beginning is that normal on Champix?

Anyways managed to go without one last night so Day 6 for me today and so far so good, tother half is back tonight so will be easier. It's not helping at the mo cos its soooo stressful at work :(. Its exhausting being pleasant to everyone, lol, only 3 people who smoke now at work so a whole company of non smokers, another reason to quit cos xmas do coming up and I won't have to stand outside this year in the freezing cold, hah!!!

Carol xx

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