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5 months amazing

Well at the weekend it will be 5months quit, I am absolutly stunned that I have got this far, but am now so confident that I will make it through that I am posting this early! I no longer think of smoking, and don't miss is in any situations anymore, in fact I find the smell quite repulsive, and find the delusions that smokers attatch to kind of sad. This has been one of the best things i have ever done (or just the undoing of one of the worst things!) So thak you to this forum for getting me through the first months, good, luck and hang in there to's simple really..just don't smoke!! :)

Sachmo - Free and Healing for Four Months, Twenty Eight Days, 12 Hours and 25 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 18 Days and 7 Hours, by avoiding the use of 5268 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £441.74.

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Congratulations Sachmo.

Nothing more to say really. Well done!


CONGRATULATIONS to you! I must admit that because I am only on Day 11, I found your posting really inspirational - that there is light at the end of the tunnel after all this crap!!


hi sachmo,congrats on 5 months,i am just on 3 months so i know how you feel,its great, dont you think,,you keep the faith tony


Well done you,

that's fantastic!!!


Well done.xxxxxx


Good job Sachmo, nearly halfway to the penthouse!


Congratulations Sachmo, that is a great achievement, seeing these kind of threads keeps us newbies spurred on.




Hi satchmo

Well done on 5 months


well done you, isnt it liberating xx


cool! you're in the same room as me-its nice an 'peaceful' in here welcome xxx



Fantastic, well done, glad you are still smoke free.

I will be at 5 months quit on 7th February and I too am amazed that i have done it.

Have had a couple of days this week where I have been a bit "wobbly" but nothing too "severe" as they say!!!




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